Know how long Corona stays on skin, plastic and metal

It started from China in November Deadly disease Corona virus It has taken a severe form at this time, initially everyone had taken this disease lightly and it was being thought that this disease would be finished soon but the opposite happened, at this time the whole world is affected by the corona virus. The situation has reached here that many countries have locked themselves down, that is, they have now cut off contact with other countries.

Corona has caused so much outrage that most of the public places have been closed, including theaters, shopping malls, temples, markets, etc. Apart from this, all educational institutions have also been closed. If told in the true sense, it is still not clear to the people how long the virus of this disease stick with what, today we are going to tell you about how long this virus Stays alive

Corona virus according to CDC

According to the US agency CDC (Center for dieases control and prevantaion), the corona virus can remain alive outside the body for up to 9 hours, on the same metal objects, the virus can remain alive for 12 hours. The same if a report of China is to be believed, then this virus can remain alive outside the human body for 9 days whereas Indian experts do not agree with this.

Infection also stays on the phone

According to one such report, if your phone has been touched by someone suffering from corona-virus, then your phone can also be infected, corona-virus is on the screen of your phone for 48 hours and if the back cover of the phone is of plastic then The virus on it for 9 days, but if the back panel is of metal, then the corona-virus can remain alive for 3 days on it.

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How long does the infection last on the skin

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the corona virus can remain alive on human skin for only 10 minutes, then if you have come from outside or you have touched a metal object then the hands You can stop this danger by washing it thoroughly with soap.

Clothes virus

According to the same report, this virus can remain alive for 9 hours on clothes, but if the clothes are dried in sunlight for 2 hours, then this virus can be eradicated.

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