The government has fixed the price for the investigation of Corona, by paying such a price, it can be conducted at home

The corona virus has taken the form of an epidemic at this time and not only India but the whole world is in the grip of this epidemic, every country is trying its own ways to fight it. Symptoms of this disease have been reported by experts in health fields, it has also been said that every type of cough is not necessarily a cold corona virus, although the symptoms of this disease are like a common fever. There may be cough, cold, sore throat and trouble in breathing. If you see any such symptoms then you can get it checked by going to the nearest corona examination center.

Corona test facility was available only in government hospitals

Till now only few government hospitals like Ram Manohar Lohia, Safdarjung Hospital etc. Due to the facility of corona examination only in the government hospital, people who were feeling the symptoms of corona were having some difficulty in getting their examination done.

Now private labs will also be able to test

For the convenience of the people, the central government has now started the facility of testing the corona virus in private labs, the central government has fixed the fee to have this test done in private labs so that private labs do not charge arbitrary fees. . The prescribed fee for any person to be tested in a private lab is Rs 4500, out of which Rs 3000 for examination and Rs 1500 for screening.

Samples can also be given from home

Apart from this, you do not need to go to the private lab yourself to get the test done, you can also give samples from your home, this will relieve people from getting in touch with others and for this the lab staff will be trained.

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Not everyone needs to be screened

Health Ministry Secretary Luv Agarwal said that not everyone needs to get corona tested, only those who have come from abroad or any of their family have returned from abroad. Apart from this, those people have come in contact with any person who has come from abroad, then they need to be investigated.

The sample will be sent to Pune if the sample is positive

The government directed the private lab that if the samples of a person are positive, they have to be sent to the ICMR lab in Pune to confirm whether the person has corona or not.

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