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This is how you can cure your diseases through Vastu from home


Many times we get minor diseases for which we go to the doctor, but currently due to the pandemic spreading in the country, it is very difficult to go to the doctor for minor diseases. According to scholars, there are many such diseases in our body which are related to the Vastu of the house, in such a way, if we make a little change in the Vastu of our house, then many diseases will be treated automatically. According to astrology, a person must show his horoscope to a specialist from time to time, so that if he sees any disease then he can be treated in a timely manner.

It is said that every disease belongs to some planet, apart from sleeping place in home, cooking place, food can also cause diseases in the body. Today we are going to tell you some such measures, by which you can lead a healthy life.

Benefits of offering water to the Sun

In religious scriptures, offering water to the Sun is considered to give very auspicious results, it is said that offering water to Suryadev relieves a person from eye related, heart related and headache related diseases. While offering water, one thing should be kept in mind that the water should always be given by copper lotus and while offering water it should not splatter at your feet. While giving water, add red flowers, roli, jaggery and after offering Ardhya, chant the mantra ‘Hein Hansah Dhani Aditya: Namah’ eight times.

While cooking and eating

In the scriptures, the place of making food and the place of eclipse have been said to be quite special. It has been said that while preparing food and while eating food, the face should always be towards the east. By doing this, the food becomes nutritious and is easily digested and with this, taking food facing towards the east direction ends the problem of stomach disease.

For the elimination of liver diseases

If a person has jaundice, hepatitis B or any other stomach ailment, then he should be fed gram dal to Gau Mata daily, apart from visiting the religious place, gram dal, turmeric lumps, yellow flowers, gram flour and banana Donating etc. gives benefits in such diseases.

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