Do not forget about these evenings in the evening

In the evening, do not forget about these five things, it is poor. In the debate, these things should not be done in the evening. I am going to tell you about the five works mentioned in the scriptures which should not be done during the time of Shyam.

To have a meal

Never eat food in the evening, it has been misunderstood in the eyes of the scriptures, doing so can destroy money and your stomach may also get upset when you eat at this time. If you are very hungry then you can take fruit diet.

to mop

The broom should never be run in the evening, due to which all the positive energy of the house goes out and due to this, there can be poorness in the house. Laxmi ji should be worshiped with good heart in the evening, this brings wealth, so take care to clean the house well before evening.

love affair

According to the scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi ji comes to earth at the time of Shyam and blesses everyone, if a person is drowned in love during this time, then mother Lakshmi never looks at that house and then always in that house Loss of religion will be felt. The time of work like love affair is at night, so take care not to do such profane work during the time of Shyam.

Sleep in the evening

It is very bad to sleep in the evening, at which time one should worship Goddess Lakshmi, if someone is sleeping at that time, then it is not a good power, and according to the scriptures, sleeping at this time also causes stomach disease. Due to this obesity has also increased.

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