“Initially I had quit my health food while staying at home” – Debina Banerjee of Soni Sab’s “Aladdin: Naam to Suna Hoga”

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is a lifestyle. This is not my goal, but a part of my daily life.

What is your fitness mantra?

Every kind of exercise should be done daily. Jumping, running, lifting weights, these are included in my workouts. I also take pure and healthy food.

How do you strike a healthy balance between your mind and body?

The way we see and feel things has a big impact on our minds. I have noticed that when I do not take a pure diet, my weight fluctuates. I do not like it. Your stomach health also affects your mental health. Therefore, if you eat things just by taste, which are not healthy for your body, then your stomach starts releasing hormones that take you into depression and you do not feel good about yourself. Eating pure food keeps the balance of mind and body correct.

You said that if we don’t look good then we don’t feel good either. Does it have anything to do with the industry?

not actually. I always eat pure food to look good because of my profession, but now that we are at home and our life has suddenly changed, I have started eating delicious food to keep myself engaged, who always wanted to eat . Therefore, we make a new dish every day, but it is affecting my body. I was not feeling well and my thinking was changing. This lockdown showed that I should not forget the mantra of ‘pure eating and staying healthy’, despite no more shooting in such an unprecedented time.

In such uncertain times, it is important that your brain feels good. So instead of leaving behind the habit of eating healthy, I focused on exercising and eating pure. I think everyone should take care of their fitness beyond work.

Who is your workout buddy?

Gurmeet is my workout buddy. Earlier we did not workout together, because our approach is different, but because of being at home right now, we workout together and learn some workouts by watching videos on the internet.

How do you stay fit and healthy on your demanding and busy schedule?

It is not difficult. The break time is fixed during the shooting and the time you get back from there is also fixed. It is important that you use that time for your benefit. I ask to take homemade food on the set. My thinking is this – you must eat to live, you should not live to eat.

What is your healthy snack option?

Whenever I go to the set of Aladdin: Naam to be heard, I take almonds in my bag and keep almonds with me even on the journey, at home, I work with boiled eggs.

Anything that you can’t stop eating?

There are not many such things. But since we are at home right now, I made everything I wanted to eat, like puri bhaji, pani puri, etc. I can’t even stop myself from eating mangoes.

What music do you like to listen to while exercising?

There is no special music, but I like the remix version of the old songs.

Any message for fans?

Follow the fitness path for a while, even if you don’t like it. Because after some time your body will demand it from you. Also, stay home and be safe.

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