Why the rod is hit on the dead body after the last action, behind it is a shocking secret

Today’s era is called scientific era, yet in Hinduism our ancestors have followed many such rites and rituals, without whose knowledge we will remain ignorant. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. In modern society, we are losing the traditions and culture of Hinduism. One such ritual is followed in Hinduism that in the funeral of any human being, women are not allowed to go to the crematorium, but this is why we have never tried to know.

Due to this, the body is hit on the head

We all know that women have a more tender heart than men. Therefore it is said that if someone cries at the crematorium, then the soul of the deceased does not get peace.

The heart of women is very soft, so women are scared to see the funeral procession. Women are not asked to stay at home to see the pyre burning in the crematorium.

It is said that souls always live in the crematorium. In such a situation, women are most threatened by spirits because evil spirits often target women.

According to Hindu customs, members attending the funeral have to shave their hair. So women are not allowed to go to the crematorium to attend the cremation ground.

After returning from the crematorium ghat, it is very important for women to stay at home to wash their feet and bathe, so they are prohibited from going to the crematorium during the last rites.

When someone dies, his son gets a stick in his head. If it is not done, then it is said that the people who are having tantra knowledge, they stay in the head of his head after death so that he can use it It is also said that through this head, the tantric can hold that person in his possession and through his soul can do wrong things.

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