Manoj Bhargav: The billionaire who has taken the initiative to save the world with his unique initiative

Most people have the desire to earn money and they work hard for this because nothing is achieved without hard work. After earning more and more money, there are very few people who donate almost their entire wealth even if there are not many such people, but still such people are present.

Today we are going to tell you about one such person, who along with traveling from floor to hail has illuminated the name of India as well as the whole world. Today, the name of the person we are talking about is Manoj Bhargava, he is the same Manoj Bhargava who worked hard during his struggle days and today stands at the point that he donated almost all his wealth for the good of humanity.

Who is Manoj Bhargava

If you have ever heard the name of a five-hour energy drink, then you would know that who made this beverage, if you do not know, then we do not know, our name is Manoj Bhargava. To say that they live in America, but even after going there, they never forget the principles of their India country, such as human service. He decided to donate his company’s dream project which was worth nearly billions of dollars.

In addition, he was instrumental in the discovery of free electric hybrid bikes, by which Energy Drink was manufactured in 2004 and the beverage is listed under Living Essential LLC. Within 1 year of its arrival in the market, this energy drink had established its dominance in the US market and the product earned US $ 1.25 billion in the first year alone.

Tales before Manoj Bhargava’s success

He was born in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh state of India, in 1967, his parents took him with him to Philadelphia, USA. Where he got school education but left his middle school and returned to his native India. In the next 10 to 12 years of his travels, in India, he worked in the monastery and tried his hand in different fields such as taxi driver, contractor, printing press operator and finally went back to handle the father’s business in the US .

Inspiration from bill gates

Manoj Bhargava has said a very beautiful line that if you have money, then it is your duty to help those who lack money.

A university campaign was run by Bill Gates, whose purpose is to donate some of his wealth to social causes. Inspired by this, he has announced to donate 99% of his wealth for human welfare. Apart from this, he has set up an organization whose main task is to help the industries using new technology, besides these organizations work to teach people how to succeed in the market, to start a new business. The name of the institution is Stage 2 Innovation.

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