Take the remedy of rye today, all the miseries of life will be destroyed

Rye is very small to see and there are many miraculous tricks associated with it. With the help of a small amount of rye, many problems can be solved easily and they can be relieved forever. There are many tricks of rye mentioned in the Lal Kitab and we are going to tell you some of these important tricks.

Rye tricks mentioned in Lal Kitab

To remove bad luck

To get rid of bad luck, try these tricks of rye. Doing this trick will remove bad luck and good days will begin. Under this trick of rye, you put mustard leaves and mustard seeds in a water filled pitcher. Then take a bath with this water. Bathing with this water will remove your misfortune. Not only this, this water is also effective in eliminating diseases. You should take a bath with this water on Saturday.

Evil eye

You can also use rye to protect yourself from evil eyes. According to the Totke mentioned in the Lal Kitab, the evil eye can easily be removed with the help of Rye. If you feel bad, you just take seven grains of mustard and mix salt in them. Then turn the mustard over the person who has noticed. Then put this mustard in the burning fire. Keep in mind that when you turn the mustard over the head of the person, it should be in your left hand.

Mars, Saturn and Rahu planets are calm

This mole of rye proves to be effective for pacifying Saturn, Mars and Rahu. According to this trick, you put chilli, mustard and salt from the victim’s head and put them in the fire. Actually chilli is the symbol of Mars, Rai is of Saturn and salt is Rahu and by putting these three things together in the fire, the defect of these planets in the horoscope is removed and they become calm. At the same time, when you put these three things in the fire and there is no pungent smell from the fire, then understand that this trick has been successful.

Remove irritability

Many people get irritable and due to irritability, people do not talk properly and get angry at small talk. If you are also troubled by this thing then do this remedy of rye. This remedy mentioned in Rai Kitab is very helpful and by doing this remedy, irritability is eliminated. When irritation occurs, burn the mustard and chilli on top of it and keep watching it when it burns in the fire. Doing this will end irritability.


Donation of rye in the Lal Kitab is also considered auspicious and by donating it, the Guru planet keeps calm and at the same time, the defect of evil eye is also eliminated. You should donate the mustard seed to a poor person on Thursday. You must try these measures of rye mentioned in the Lal Kitab. These measures are very effective and will definitely have an impact.

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