“With this show, we are bringing together Sony SAB cast”, Anusha Mishra said while talking about Sony SAB’s new show “Kuch Smiles Ho Jaayi … With Alia”

  • Aliya Now some SelfMileS Ho GoWith AliyaOf with HosT become Gone is. How Feel Ho Stayed isThe

me big Only Pleasant AashVariable Happened when TheyHe with me this To do To said. my some this Kind Of reaction was, “Whor I amThe howThe When? ” me Seems is That very Only Less Time In this Decision did. me this Too said Gone That I am Alone No Am, Balraj Sayal my ToHosT Will be me this Knowing very Joy Hui, WhBecause that One amazing Of Comedian Huh And I am enough The long Time From TheyThe TV On See doing Am That’s why, this Show Of For I am very Only UttLiterature Am

  • Whor you Naturalness From Hosting Tax Takes HuhThe

College Of Days In I am enough all program HosT did Does was, College FesT From With, many ApartApart Kind Of SansKritik program. Anchoring Such thing is Whom I am Does doing Am And in this I am enough GoodYuck Am so some SelfMileS Ho GoWith AliyaLike this Seems is That The same Of Television form is.

  • you this Show Of For House On Shooting Tax doing Huh. its experience How isThe

Beginning In Little Trouble Hui WhBecause our House Shooting Of For Design No Done Gone Huh, these Living Of For Be made Huh. although, Venus is That my Mom Of The reason From our House very Only beautiful is And The cameras On this GoodEnveloped vision come Stayed is. Shooting do That’s why Too Difficult Was WhBecause my Mom DoP Were And TheyThe Shooting Of For Phone To To catch Was. first day Promo Of For me 5-6 Hours Shooting To do Lying And him The next day Too Ongoing to keep Lying, WhBecause day Of Light Of some matter Was. Its after TheyHe me Tripod Sent And Again I am Myself Shooting Tax Was found The total Including enough Funny Was, but Tired To give One work Was WhBecause We All JimMedities Myself take care are Were.

  • Whor you House On Shooting/Dubbing To do Of For someone Technique LearnedThe

me this talk Of Realization Happened That my The books Of two The objectiveThis isOne so TheyThe Reading And Second they One GoodYuck The camera SelfTand Huh. when till TheyHe me Tripod No Sent Was, I Ours mobile SelfTand Of For The books Of ThisTemal did.

  • your Mother One Experienced Television The artist Huh. by the way, Their For Too this Event The new Will be. TheyHe House On Shooting To do In your kiss Kind help OfThe

The set On Shooting To do Of During Too me this Kind Of Trouble Of Face do Falls is, me Sean In enough JMore To move Of Habit is, by this The difference No Falls That The camera my up is or I am The frame In Am, That’s why me Fixed to keep my Mother Of For from all Difficult work Was. TheyHe passion Make Keep In very The big Role Kept up, WhBecause Shooting To PerfectT Make Of For me many all take To do Lying And me very Only sweat come Stayed Was WhBecause We AC On No Tax Can Were from Voice In Trouble come Can was. That’s why, Him Manage To do In I And my Mom has The best work did.

  • this Show From The audience To Whor UmmMead To keep WantThe

We Lockdown In Stay are Huh And In Days world very Only Lifeless C Ho Gone is. Sony All Of The audience To now Ours Favorite The characters Of very remember come doing is And They New ones Episode Too No See Pa are Huh. some SelfMileS Ho GoWith AliyaThe audience Of For some new Present To do Of try is. this Show Of with, We The audience Of For Pile all Happiness And SelfMileSBring Of For Sony All Of Artists To One with With come are Huh.

  • Sony All On this your Second Show is. How Feel Ho Stayed isThe

from all first so, I am very Only Happy Am Sony All On now enough all The best Shows Aired Ho are Huh, In which Famous OfficeOffice Too Include is. this Channel On One With me two Show Aired Ho are Huh, my For this very Joy Of talk is. where till this New ones ConSepT Of talk is so this enough Interesting is And Its For I am Extremely Thankful Am

  • Lockdown Of During you this Show Ours The audience Of entertainment Of For With Arrived Huh, you ours Lockdown kiss Kind Spent doing HuhThe

truth Should say so, In Days I am very JMore s / o doing Am I am Those The people In From Am Whose Sleep Usually On Complete No Would have is, me GoodYuck Kind Sleep No Come is. ITurn, In Days I am enough late till s / o doing Am Its Apart from, I am HellGiven Eat And Plenty All Read Of try Tax doing Am conditionfor the time being In I enough all FilIn Saw Huh And In those Too JMostly Comedy FilIn And Shows Huh, WhBecause I am some SelfMileS Ho GoWith AliyaOf Practice Tax doing Am I am smallsmall Specifics And HowEmotion On VThe vehicle Give doing Am Its after, I am SelfPennish Too Learning doing Am

  • Ours The audience To someone Message give Would likeThe

UmmMead Does Am That All House On Will be And Safe Will be me Know is To everyone For this Difficult The clock is but me UmmMead is some SelfMileS Ho GoWith AliyaOf with We The audience Of life In 15 Minute Of course Happiness With Will come That’s why, From you Request is That House On Stay And this The new thing Of happiness Take that We your For With come are Huh.

Look, Anusha Aka Aliya To Sony All Of some SelfMileS Ho GoWith AliyaIn, every Monday And Friday, night 9 time From 9.15 time, In college Sony All On

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