Unique example: the bank in which you worked as a peon, today became the head of the same

Often in films we have seen how a very ordinary person achieves a high position in the society due to his hard work, but does this happen only in films? No, sometimes this happens in real life too, today we are going to tell you about a person who was formerly a peon of a bank but due to his hard work he became the head of the human resources department of the same bank. . His name is Dr. Raju L. Bhatia, the story of his life’s struggle is also enough to encourage everyone, especially for those who are sitting only because of their luck.

Dr. Raju L. Bhatia’s struggle begins

Raju Bhatia, who hails primarily from Mumbai in Maharashtra, was born in a very poor family in Mumbai, his father used to go to every house and sell goods to earn a living. But his earnings were not enough for the family and many times his family was also craving for two rotis a day. Due to home poverty he had to struggle a lot to get a school education, but he did not give up and somehow completed his primary education from a government school.

At the age of just 15, he had to work as a peon in a bank to make a living for his family.

How to travel from peon to become a department head

Even though he had started working as a peon in the bank, the flame of coming forward never calmed and he continued his studies continuously. He used to study in the college for three hours in the morning before the start of the bank’s duty and after the end of the bank’s duty, he used to teach the children so that their studies could be repeated.

He did his graduation in commerce stream at Bombay University in which he got the first position, after which he joined IIM (IIM), a reputed college in India, to pursue MBA. He was more talented and got a scholarship and did his PhD in Human Resources from a reputed university. He started his illustrious career in Tata Exports in 1988 after doing his PhD.

Never looked back

After his job at the Tata company, he started serving in all Tata companies and played a key role in creating a human resource development department. He then did a job after which he became an inspiration to others, joining the bank in which he started working as a peon, as the head of the Human Resource Development Department.

In addition, he founded HR Consultancy in the year 1998 and had already served two other companies Ernst and Young and McKenzie before his company was founded. Presently, Dr. Raju L. Bhatia is an advisor to a lead company as well as a well-known author who has written many well-known books so far, as well as he founded the Center for Change Management and currently serves as its founder.

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