Vidyut Jamwal said, “Even today when I go out, people call me commandos”

Considered the most prolific action thriller franchise, Commando 3 is an agile and powerful action film. It is also the highest grossing film of this series. Showing his incredible physical ability, Vidyut Jamwal has continued his journey in the role of Commando Karanvir Singh Dogra, in which he has become a staunch patriot ie an Indianist. Commando 3, directed by Aditya Dutt, stars Ada Sharma, Bhavana Ready and Gulshan Devaiah as the villainous Burak Ansari. While the film is going to have a world television premiere on May 31 at 12 noon on Zee Cinema, the channel is giving the message that everyone is doing so by highlighting the importance of staying at home and protecting themselves. Can become a commando. On this occasion, Vidyut Jamwal held a special conversation.

  • This is the third film of this action thriller franchise. How was your experience like this? Especially when the level of action in it is one step ahead?

I am very excited to be associated with this great action thriller franchise. It is always fun to work in this project, because I get a step ahead to improve my skills. With the third film of the franchise, its level of action has risen further. This is a perfect film for action lovers. Each scene of this film required special preparation and I had to work very hard to master every stunt. In this, the level of stunts is also completely different and every time I set new goals for myself to perform better and worked towards achieving them. Words of happiness that I get when I complete them cannot be described in words.

  • In this film, girls have also done good stunts. what do you think of this?

Girls have always done stunts and action scenes in Bollywood films. However, we do not see them as complete action actors. The action of Commando 3 is of international action films and I am very happy to say that girls like my co-stars Ada and Angira in Commando 3 have met expectations. He has done full justice to his roles with rigorous training and hard work. It was a pleasure to work with these beautiful and powerful women.

  • Your character of Karanvir Singh Dogra has received many accolades. How does it make you feel?

I consider myself very lucky that this film and my character got so much love from the audience. It is very rare that the first film of an actor becomes a franchise. When Commando became a franchise, I could not be happy. Even today when I go out, people call me as Commando. This means a lot to me because it does not happen to many people in the industry.

  • What was your mother’s reaction to the film Commando 3 or any of its episodes?

When my mother saw Commando 3, as soon as the film was over, she called me and said, “Son, you have done a great job. Now you should do something other than action. “

  • Now that you are an expert in action, is there any other special film that you would like to do?

If given a chance, I would like to do Parashuram’s biopic.

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