Encourage morale of employees by increasing salary

Kovid-19 Epidemic Of reason Country And world In Economic Problem Born Ho Gone is. Companies Corona And The lock Down Of reason Ours Expenditure Less Tax doing Huh. some Companies TakeOff Tax doing is. There itself some Companies Ours Staff To job From Only Remove doing is. Corona Of with Economic Problem Of this The round In The people Of for job To save Difficult Ho Gone is.

The same between some Companies Such Too Huh that this Problem Filled Time In Ours The employees Of the wages Growth Too Tax doing Huh. answer India Of Distinguished PR(Public relation) company PR 24 × 7 has Ours many Small The big The posts On Work Tax are 40% Percent The employees Of the wages In Increase did is. The organization Of accordingly Problem Of this Time In The employees Of the wages Growth not Only Their Morale To Will increase Rather work efficiency Enhance In Too help Will do.

company Of Founder Atul Malikram has said, “me mine company In work To do The ones All The employees On Proud is, that Active The partner Of Kind work do Happened, Difficult The round In Too company Of for Complete Kind Dedicated Huh. The employees Of reason Only company Zero From Top On Reaches is. Such In when We The good Days In One with By staying ahead Mounting is so Difficult The round In Too OneOthers Of with Plays Happened ahead Will increase. This only reason is That We many The employees Of Salary To Enhance Of Decision took is.

Atul Malikram Say is ThatWe Any Too Staff Of with not Leaving Happened TimeTime On Workshop Of planning Tax Their Skills To Develop To do In believe Keeping is. With which company And Staff Each other In One Unbreakable Door From Tied up are. company One family Of Kind is that every Festival Of Celebrate Celebrating is And The employees Of Encouragement Of for timetime On Celebration Of planning Does Lives is. “

Atul Malikram The same Of with public From Appeal do is ThatJis Kind We Safe is The same During Us Ours Aasnear Present AnimalThe birds To Too Safe to keep is. Summer Of weather is So House Of outside roof And The balcony In Grain And Water Of Sakora Planted. ” this much Only No Atul Malikram has The birds Of Security Of forsave BirdsThe campaign Of Beginning Too Of is.

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