Farmer’s educated son quits job, starts milk parlor, earns millions of rupees in a month

Have you ever heard of a person who left his good job and started his work and today he has reached a new height of success. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such person who left his multinational company and started his milk job and today he is earning in lakhs.

Founder of Bagdi Milk Parlor

Pradeep Sheoran, a resident of Mandi Piranu, a village in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, was posted in a high position in a multinational company, but he did not mind his job, so he came to his village and started doing milk business. In a short time, their milk work started gaining momentum and people started liking the milk sold by them.

In our country, a total of 24 types of cow breeds are produced in the Bagd region spread from Charkhi Dadri in the region of Gujarat, that’s why Pradeep Sheoran named his startup Bagdi Milk Parlor and since December 2018 only 5 different in Rohtak – By earning delicious milk at different places, they are earning lakhs per month.

How did the idea of ​​selling milk come

According to Pradeep, he has worked in many big companies such as Berger Paints, Havells, etc. But he did not feel like anywhere, his mind always used to do his own work. Due to his birth and upbringing in the village, he got the idea of ​​the milk trade.

He further says that anyway milk is consumed all over India including Haryana, but for some time people have lost their mind and diverted from milk and milk products towards cold drink, so to bring them back to the milk of the country, they also Launched milk parlor.

How do milk business

Pradeep says that usually the farmers send their products to the wholesale market at a nominal price to the businessman, while the traders convert those goods into products and sell them in the market at expensive prices, but on the contrary, they buy milk from the wholesale market and make it tasty They started selling it in retail market.

Apart from milk, he is also feeding people with milk, almond milk, cold lassi, saffron wort kheer, Hariyanvi Rabri, in the earthen ax, nowadays it has become a famous brand of Haryana.

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