The lockdown forced the actor, who worked in Dreamgirls, to sell fruits on the streets

When the family gets into trouble, then the common man is forced to do anything, even in our Bollywood industry, there are many actors who run their homes by doing small roles in films. Due to Corona, all kinds of shootings are closed due to the applicable lockdown in the entire country, in such a situation, those small actors are having difficulty in running the expenses of the house.

Today we are going to talk about one such artist who has appeared in many films and recently appeared in Ayushman Khurana starrer Dream Girl, but due to the film shooting stopped, he faced a big problem of running home. Because of which they are living by selling fruits on the streets.

Played the role of bank collection executive in Dream Girl

If you have seen the movie Dream Girl, you will also remember that scene when a person who plays the father of Ayushmann Khurrana comes to ask for money from a bank installment, yes, that actor’s name is Solanki Diwakar.

On seeing his scene in the film, he might have forgotten them, but due to the recently released lockdown, he was seen pulling fruit cart on the streets of Delhi.

Have played minor characters in many films

Solanki Diwakar is a struggling junior artist who makes a living by playing small roles in films. Solki says that if he were alone, he would wait for the lockdown to end like other people but his family lives with him, so he had to go out to earn money in the lockdown itself and he was currently on the streets to drive home. Doing the job of selling

Nothing is small or big

According to Junior Artist Solanki Diwakar, no work is small or big and there is no shame in selling fruits on the streets. He also said that the financial problem had arisen in front of him after the shooting of the film stopped.

To meet the needs of his family, he had to do something to pay the rent of the house, to raise the stomach of the family, so he started selling fruits on the road.

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