Anil Kapoor lives in this palace-like house with family, see photos

The wedding of Bollywood’s evergreen actor Anil Kapoor and wife Sunita has just completed 36 years, both of which celebrated the wedding anniversary in their home due to the lockdown. They are very much in love with each other and are one of Bollywood’s favorite couples.

Recently, Anil Kapoor shared a post on social media in which he told how he was married, today we are going to tell you about that house of Mr. India of Bollywood which is less than a palace. Are not.

Wife Sunita designed the house

Anil said that he chose love between career and love, adding that before marriage he wanted to have a house of his own so that his future wife Sunita would not have any problem.

Anil Kapoor owns a luxurious bungalow in Mumbai in which he lives with his wife Sunita, daughter Reha and son Harshvardhan, the entire house is said to have been designed by Anil Kapoor’s wife himself. Anil Kapoor’s choice has been taken care of in this house.

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Home is in line with the likes of Anil Kapoor

It is said that even though this luxurious palace-like house has been designed by the wife of Anil Kapoor, the whole house has taken special care of Anil Kapoor’s choice, like Anil Kapoor likes trees and plants etc. So there is a lot in the house Trees have also been planted.

Apart from this, there are many idols in the house which are made of clay, in addition to this there are many other things made with the help of clay in the house. Anil Kapoor’s house also has a very large balcony where he often sits and snacks with his family.

Wood stuff has also been used specially

Apart from earthen items, wood items have also been used in Bollywood’s most loved actor Anil Kapoor’s house, including wooden chairs and tables. Apart from this, there is also a large statue of Lord Buddha in the house.

While designing the house, Anil Kapoor’s wife Sunita has also designed a special make-up room for herself, in addition to the very beautiful paintings throughout the house.

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