LICO benefits in this policy of LIC, get 1 crore profit after investment

If you ask someone, if you want to get insured, then which company would you like to insure, surely their answer will be LIC (LIC), Despite the arrival of many private insurance companies, Life Insurance Corporation of India is still the first choice of people for insurance and investment. If you are also thinking of taking a LIC policy then these are good news for you because LIC has brought a great insurance policy for you.

Today we are going to tell you about this new insurance plan of LIC, in which you can get up to 1 crore rupees by investing. In this article today, we are going to tell you which LIC policy we are talking about in which you can get 1 crore rupees before retirement.

LIC is the first choice of people

LIC is the oldest company in India and even today, people trust in it even though there is a lot of talk about LIC in between, but people always hope that their money is safe. By the way, all the plans of Life Insurance Corporation of India are only for the benefit of the customers, today we are going to tell you about the new Jeevan Anand policy of LIC, if you are employed, it can prove to be very beneficial for you.

LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy

After taking this policy, you can become the owner of 1 crore rupees before your retirement, apart from this, a risk cover of Rs 40 lakh is also being given to the nominee of the person taking insurance by LIC. To take this policy, the age of the insured must be at least 28 years and these policies are 25 years old.

If the insurance holder survives till the completion of the policy period after taking the insurance and has filled all the premiums then Liability is given by LIC. You have four options to pay the premium, yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly, The insurance holder can choose to pay the premium according to his capacity

How to become a millionaire

If you pay a premium of 180689 annually in this insurance plan, then at the time of maturity you will also be given the sum assured, bonus and additional bonus to the insured. Its simple and easy means that if someone takes this policy at the age of 28 and runs it for 25 years, then at the age of 53, he can become a millionaire. Let us explain you in a little detail. Whenever we pay the premium, we have to pay tax along with it, although the tax in the premium of the first year and the tax in the subsequent years varies.

If you want to pay an annual premium then you Rs. 180689 i.e. Rs. 172908 Premium + Rs. 7781 Tax will have to be paid

On the half year Rs. 91309 i.e. Rs. 87377 Premium + Rs. 3932 Tax,

You have to pay quarterly premium Rs. 46137 wherein Rs. 44150 Premium + Rs. 1987 Tax

For monthly premium you Rs. 15379 To be given in Rs. 14717 Premium + Rs. 662 In this policy of LIC, there are many benefits, after this investment, you will have to pay a tax of 1 crore.

For the annual premium while filling the second year premium Rs. 176798 Will have to pay Rs. 172908 Basic Premium + Rs. 3890 Will have to pay tax

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