Started a small business to press clothes with just this much money, today they are earning millions every month

In today’s era, we understand in the first impression of any person what his behavior will be, apart from this, whenever we meet someone for the first time, first of all our eyes are on their clothes. This is the reason that whenever we are going for a particular job, we pay special attention to our clothes, today we are going to tell you the special story of a woman who not only made her main profession to press clothes Rather, she is earning a lot of money from this profession today.

Sandhya Nambiar launches Curry Istrapetti

All of us must have been complaining to our washerman at some time that he may have either not washed clothes properly or caused any damage to clothes. To get rid of this type of problem of people, in 2017, Sandhya started her startup which she named Istripeti.

According to Sandhya, this startup of their clothing is ironed according to the demand of the customers and the clothes are washed according to the instructions given by the customers. His company named Istripeti has now become a professional ironing and laundering business company.

These companies of Sandhya Nambiar provide their services in two ways: first B2B (ie Business to Business) and second B2C (ie Business to Customers). Their company headquarters are located in Chennai, their company distributes the clothes from the customers’ home, office, shop, etc. to the customers at the convenience of the customers by washing and ironing them back to the convenience of the customers.

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How did Istripeti start

According to Sandhya, the main reason behind this startup is the problem of washing clothes in homes and then the problem of ironing them. Sandhya told that she also had a lot of problems about that there was some stain in her clothes even after a lot of washing in the house, so the question arose in her mind that despite being so high tech yet Why are clothes washed in old ways in homes too.

Sandhya started her company Istripeti from Nungambakkam in Chennai in 2018, initially her company started operating as a micro size steam ironing unit. Gradually, due to its excellent services, its company has made many hospitality corporations its clients, including OYO. Currently, the company’s small factory is located at Pallikaranai in Chennai, which has facilities to wash and press clothes.

Sandhya did not look back

Sandhya told that when he started the company, only 2 employees were with him and now 15 people are working with him. Currently, their startup has more than 300 customers. His company charges 200 rupees for washing 3 kilograms of clothes, and 300 rupees are charged for washing and presses.

Sandhya’s company has also brought a family package in which only Rs 900 is charged for washing 15 kg of clothes. He told that in the initial year his company’s earnings were 4.2 lakh rupees, whereas now he is earning about 4 lakh rupees every month.

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