Bhushan Kumar’s T-series presents ‘Main Sunya’, the new single from Amy Virk, has arrived!

The authentic Punjabi star, Amy Virk, has carved a unique niche for herself in Punjabi pop culture. His chartbusters Songs ‘Kismat’, ‘Hay Way’ and ‘Hath Chumme’ have solidified his position as the biggest pop sensation in the Punjabi entertainment industry.
The singer, actor, who also starred in the T-series rendition of the song “Long Laachi”, became the first Indian song to reach 1 billion views on You Tube in December last year. Now he is back with his new song Main Suniya which is produced by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series.
Composed by Sunny Wick with lyrics from Raj Fatehpur, ‘Main Suniya’ is an emotional intensity song that tells the story of love betrayal and remorse. This catchy music video is directed by Navjit Buttar and features Amy Virk, actress Simran Kaur Hundal and child artist Rohan. Main Suneya’s video is largely based on the theme of expectation, especially since Amy Virk is known for packing spellbinding concepts and riveting storylines in her hit music videos.
In fact, portions of the song were rewritten by lyricist Raj Fatehpur to ensure a better flow with the story of the music video.
Says Bhushan Kumar, Head, T-Series, “The key word for us in T-Series is passion – passion for music and passion to bring the best and new kind of content to the audience. It is always a pleasure collaborating with those who share the same values ​​and we are proud to present ‘I listen’, a beautiful and heart-touching song that will keep everyone connected to themselves till the end. “
Punjabi superstar Amy Virk says, “My music has always expressed emotions with its strong content.” For me, both visuals and sound need to excite my audience and listeners. I think ‘Main Suneya’ is my most emotional song ever. Sunny Vick has composed the song beautifully and Raj Fatehpur has overwhelmed you with her brilliant lines. We have tried to tell a huge story within four minutes. It is not an easy task, but director Navjit Buttar, who is a close friend of mine for years, has done an amazing job in it. “

Director Navjit Buttar says, “Shooting the video for Main Suneya was a physically and emotionally difficult experience for the team. We shot in 5 locations, for 4 days, 14 hours per day. Many retakes are required, so this was a very different and challenging task with children, which is not the case when shooting with adults. However, it was worth the effort for all of us as the music video is well made and it is reaching its message. “

Bhushan Kumar’s T-series presents Amy Virk’s ‘Main Suneya’, composed by Sunny Vick and written by Raj Fatehpur. The emotionally intricate music video is directed by Navjit Buttar and features Amy Virk, actress Simran Kaur Hundal and child artist Rohan. Main Suneya is now on the T-series YouTube channel.

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