Sonal Chauhan discovers a new talent inside himself during lockdown

Celebrity Different Activities In Busy Through this Lockdown Of from all more Use Tax are Huh, Sonal Chauhan Those Celebrities In From One Huh that Baking, work Out, Funny Photo shoot And Social Media On Ours The fans Of with Join As Different Activities In Busy Lives Huh.

Lockdown Of During Ours you To Busy To do Of for The new Activities Of Search do Happened, Sonal has Sketching In ours hand To try Of Decision did. Their first Sketch ToMothersaid Gone Was, Whom They Mothers Day On Ours Social Media On Post did Was And him world Of All Moms To Dedicated did Was, in this One beautiful Pregnant Female To his stomach To Staring Happened Painted did. Sonal To Ours first Sketch On Pleasant Surprise Happened And They Its after One And Sketch Make Of Decision did. They some Like this To do Of Decision did, that Their heart Of Extremely near Was, God Shiv. Sonal God Shiv Of The big Devotee is And this Sketch Their for Extremely Private Was Because Sketch In that God Shiv To See is, Fabulous, The powerful, strong, Sharp Sonal has Sketch To The frame To do Of Decision did And him, Om With salutation to Om ShivaayOf with Caption Giving Happened Ours Social Media On share did. Sonal One The selfBuilt The artist is And that them enamoured To do Wali Images From Inspiration Takes is, Whether that Any Magazine Of Image Be, Online Images or some great Artists Of Art Ho.

Sonal Of Sketch Now till One Fabulous Successful are Huh And We this To see Of for And more waiting No Tax Can Huh That our for Their near And what is.

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