Gippy Grewal is ready to surprise with the unique romantic song ‘Me and You’

Punjab Of One Successful The artist, Gippy Grewal Music Of from all Popular The names In From Huh, In which Their Guidance In many Chartbusters Include Huh In which Phulkari, English The beat, Oscar And car Cash Include Huh. One The actor Of form In Their near Punjabi Blockbuster like Carrie On Jatta, lucky Given Unlucky story, Indian language In Problem And Jatt James Bond, Whom my heart Robbed Include is.

Grace Kumar TThe series by Presented, Touching Romantic SongM And Like thisOf with Ours Upbeat, Hi Tempo Music Of for Mahsoor, The actorThe singer back come are is

Happy Raikoti by written record, Desi Crew Of Music Of with, ‘M And Uworld Filled In Gippy Grewal Of The fans Of for One new experience is, that One Versatile The artist Of form In mine Range Of happiness Take Huh. this Music Video In Gippy Grewal And Punjabi The moviesLuckAndSufnaOf Mahsoor Actress Tanya isM And UOf Video Dio studio by Directed is And him Canada And India Filled In Shoot did Gone is.

the creator mine Borders From outside went this make sure To do Of for That this Song Of Music Video Of for someone Cancer No Left GoM And UOf many Parts Start In Vancouver In Filmed went Were. although, this Team That Expectations On Candid No Descending Was So ahead Toronto And India In Shooting Of Has gone. Team has this Song Of Melody On Too many times work did when till That them this right No Started.

this song To special Make Of About In talk do Happened Punjabi Sensation Gippy Grewal Of tell is That, “me this Romantic song Done Happened some Time Ho Gone is, my The last Single TThe series Of withSunWas, So this my The fans Of for always One special Surprise is when I amM And Ulike rare Song Of with back come Stayed Am this song In One Punjabi Fok Element is. We Want Were That Punjabi music Listen The ones Listner when this Song To Listen so in this them Punjabi Having Of feeling Ho And they by this Join Could. Song Of Melody, lyrics And Music Video In All some right Ho So We The people has Extra effort Too Planted So that The audience To some Like this meet Whom that One Decade after Too remember Keep it.

TThe series by Presented Gippy Grewal SingleM And UTo Desi Crew by Composed did Gone is, In which Happy Raikoti Of lyrics Huh. Actress Tanya Of this Music Video Dio studio by Directed is.M And UNow TThe series Of Youtube Channel On is.

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