Psychological effects of COVID 19 on the human mind

last some Months From, world Filled Of The people Corona Virus Epidemic From Are battling Whosoever world To very Only Pathetic Status In Stand Tax gave is. Nearly Six Month Ho went Huh And this Virus Of Against Effective Medicine or The vaccine now Too No met is. like The soldier The battles Of Psychologist Pressure To Withstand Huh, by the way Only this Organic War has Normal The people Of Brain On Tension And Pressure to make Start Tax gave is. COVID 19 Epidemic Of Fear has world To Stalled Tax gave is. Now The people has expectation To lose Start Tax gave is And loss, Desperation And Tension Of experience do Start Tax gave is. Its Apart from, Lockdown has Tension To Economic And Mental Both Level On every person Of House till reached up gave.

Infected The affairs Of Number India In 1,91.327 And world In 5.92 Million Of Nearly Ho Finished is. without Any Solid the treatment Of Corona Virus Of The affairs Of Rising rate The people To Worried And Frightened Tax doing is. Psychologist Fear has The people Of Brain In House Made up took is. Mr Atul Malikram Of accordingly, “this Event The people Of Brain On Pressure Branch doing is. Social Media On every day Visible To give Wali The news And Stories From our away live Difficult is. if The people this Unseen Sickness Of Against To fight Want Huh so them mine Mental The strength And Mutually strong oath Power Enhance Of The need is. Present In, We One Infection process Of Face Tax are Huh, In college two The choices Of withor so him Make or him Break Of for. “”Kubler Ross The modelOf accordingly, when someone Painful experience Happen is, so One human The mind Feelings Of 5 The steps From Passes is. Five The steps In Include Huhseriousness, anger, Doubt, Depression And Acceptance. Corona Virus Of the outbreak Complete world In Fast From Increased Stayed is, with Only One Psychologist effect Tension And anxiety To The people Of between Increased Stayed is. In The following The steps Of accordingly human The population Global Epidemic Of Face how Tax doing is.

seriousness Of The stage

this The initial The stage In, The people Of To agree is That Any Too Kind Of The bad effect Their near No come can is. If you remember is, when Us Navel Corona Virus Event From Familiar Made Gone Was, so majority of The people This With serious No Were. Any To believe No Was That They One day this Epidemic Of result To Payment Can Huh.

Anger Of The stage

Anger Of with always Pain Comes is. when you some wrench Ho so anger your Surely Assistant Ho can is. this Deadly Virus Of Face Tax are The people Anger In is . They Ours Relatives, Government, The doctors And Here till That God Of Per Too ours Fury Shown. Its Apart from, Lockdown Of Applied Having From many The people Government Of Against Fiery Ho went, this Their Private life Of Anger Was.

Doubt Of The stage

loss From first, you Ours you To And Ours Dear People To Pain From away To do Of for some Too will do. this Level On, The people often Ours The decisions Of About In very more Think Huh. this During We Ideas Of Ocean In Doubt Of Dives felt are Occur Huh. The lock Down When Over Will happen. Virus Of Vaccination When Will come And so on.

Depression Of Event

Past To remember To do Of after, human The mind Ours Present Of And Increases is. Void Of feeling The sorrow, The loss And Grief To Of The doors On Take Caste is. this tell wrong No is That our Country Depression Of this The round From Passing Stayed is. many The people has Ours Dear ones To Lost gave is, whereas the rest The people has Epidemic Of serious The results To saw is. In college Economy Only No Rather job To lose, Poverty,wage or someone work No Having Of reason The people more From more The sad And Worried Ho are Huh.

Accept To do Of State

this The last The stage is where human The mind mine The reality Of with live Accept Does is. this Then Happen is when The people Myself To Reorganized And Convinced By doing Again From Live Start do Huh. Corona Virus Now our life Of Integral Part become Stayed is. The people has first From Only Ours life To Its accordingly Well Adjust do Start Tax gave is. Government has first Only Lockdown In some Relaxation Give Given is. Industry, The Office, school, The shops Opening Of Decision for Go are Huh. COVID 19 Virus has world To OneThe new The realityGiven is Whom human Cast To Free form From Accept do Will happen.

this Time world Tension And anxiety From outside Coming Of for work Tax doing is, human The population To In Five The steps From to pass on Falls is. Then only They this Organic enemy To To defeat In Successful Will be life In some Too permanent No is. good And The bad Time seasons Of Kind Happen is In which you Synergy To sit Falls is. Occasions To Looking for Happened new The horizon Of for ours way Create.

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