What do Sony SAB artists have to say on World Environment Day

Balveer, Dev Joshi of Sony SAB’s Balvir Returns

“If harm is done to the environment then human survival is impossible and therefore caring for the environment is very important for humans. To take care of ourselves, we have to take care of the environment as it is important to maintain harmony. These days when human activity is low due to lockdown, nature is recovering on its own and shows us that we need to reduce the activities that are harming our environment. ”

“To maintain greenery, I personally plant a lot of trees, whether at home or in my village. My role as Balveer has given me an opportunity to take the message of protecting the environment to my fans.

Urmila aka Bhakti Rathore from Sony SAB’s show Bhakharwadi

“This is the right time to resume the good environmental cycle. Our environment has received a kick start due to the current situation, so make the most of it. The sunlight entering the windows at 7 pm is proof of how clean the air has become. The first raindrops to knock in early June show that the earth has become healthy. I have used my lockdown period a lot to plant and grow plants. Just 5 plants by each person will make a lot of difference in this world. “

so, On this world environment day, Let us resolve to take small steps that help promote this process of improvement for the Earth. Protecting our environment, Let us take care of ourselves with positivity and hope. “

Sony SAB’s show Tera Kya Hoga Hain Alia Ki Aaliyi aka Anusha Mishra

“Only by trying to save our planet, our planet will be saved. The environment is already suffering, and we can only give credit to humans. Therefore, whatever human beings can do to prevent further harm, it is very important so that nature sustains for future generation. These days, as humans are bound at home, the earth is slowly healing itself. What this period has taught us is that we need to monitor our movements, so that the earth can rest and it can breathe. ”

“Personally, I take care of a lot of things to reduce wastage of resources, for example, I use buckets instead of showers for bathing because it helps me conserve water. In addition, my mother and I re-use plastic bottles as plant containers. On this World Environment Day, I would like to request everyone to be alert about the amount of goods used and their disposal. Make sure to keep wet waste and dry waste separately. Reuse and recycle it and try to plant more and more trees at your home. “

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