Yakshi Kapoor alias Soni Sab’s ‘Madam Sir’, Karishma relies on domestic tips for healthy skin

Yukki Kapoor’s Sony SAB show Madam SirKi Kadka is known for his captivating performance of charisma. The show is inspired by values. It is important for artists to keep their skin in mind while keeping pace with such a busy schedule. Her skin constantly suffers from strong light and makeup.

Sony all Madam SirYukti Kapoor, who plays the role of Inspector Karishma Singh in the film, has already made her way into the hearts of fans with her stunning acting and on-screen beauty. Launched in February of this year, ‘Madam SirWith its light comedy content, it is continuously winning the hearts of its viewers. There is something to see for every member of the family.

From comedy to action scene, Yukta played his character well so far. Currently, Yukti is at home due to a ban on shooting. In such a situation, she is taking care of her skin with home remedies full of natural goodness. In a brief chat, Tip revealed his beauty secret and fitness routine., Which one can follow even while staying at home.

Describing Your Beauty Secret, She says,During the shooting of Madam Sir, It was very difficult for me to take time to take care of myself and my skin. The effect of applying makeup for a long time affects your skin’s health. Since, Shooting is on hold, so every day I try new domestic tips, Which refreshes my skin.

Tip says,The first step for me to get healthy skin is to stay healthy inside. I start the morning with lukewarm turmeric water. I do my workout with a 10-minute plan and then do some yoga poses for 10-12 minutes. It really helped me stay fit and my skin started glowing.

Explaining Diet, Tip says,I eat all kinds of vegetables and pulses. I have just stopped eating rice and bread. My food is just a mixture of vegetables and pulses, Like lentil spinach. I keep things in mind about what kind of skin problem I have. Also, I eat dinner only at 7.30 in the evening. Initially I was feeling a little difficult to follow this routine, But now I am used to it.

How do you pamper yourself, Explaining this, Tip says, “ I am applying different types of face packs made at home. There are many types of face masks that can be easily made from the things present in the home kitchen. My skin has got a lot of relief from make-up but I am eagerly waiting to wear Karisma Singh’s uniform. Also every week I will continue to follow my beauty regimen.

Look, Tipu Kapoor as Karisma Singh Madam SirOnly in sony

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