And TV actors shared their views on environment as responsible citizens

We are barely three months in lockdown and we are seeing a huge change in Mother Earth. This evidence is enough for all of us that we need to change some of our habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep our environment clean. At the same time, it is necessary to make a conscious decision for the environment. Every person, whether old or young, should be supportive of change in weather and should take care of everything related to mother nature. Now it has become more important for all of us that we should give direction to our efforts and take adequate steps to protect the environment. On the occasion of Environment Day, the actors of TV showed how even small efforts can bring better changes in the environment.

Dabangg Rajesh of ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’ from India’s cleanest city, Indore said, “There are very few actors who can proudly say that I am from the cleanest city in India.” Indore city has been in the category of ‘Cleanest City’ in the annual Swachh Survekshan survey for four consecutive times! India’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and Indore’s walk on the path of cleanliness offer an example to every city and every citizen to learn from it. When we can keep our houses clean then why not our cities? Keeping cleanliness is not only a good habit but as a human being we also have a responsibility towards the environment. If everyone starts thinking like this then a big change can be brought.

She adds, “Wherever I can, I pick up the trash and dispose it responsibly. Ever since I started doing this, I felt a change in myself. I started feeling good for myself. Keeping our environment clean helps us to keep our thinking clean as well, our mind is clean. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment clean and clean. ”

Samta Sagar of ‘Gudiya Hamari Pe Pa Hari’ from TV Not only are they capable artists, but they are also environmentally conscious humans. On the occasion of Environment Day, Samata says, “Water is the basis of human life and it is needed in every day’s work.” Many of us are unaware of how lucky we are that we have water available at all times. While in many parts of the world, the problem of water scarcity is increasing. Imagine the scene that one had to wait in line for hours to fill a bucket of water. Conservation of water is a very important issue, especially for extremely densely populated countries like ours. Monsoon season also comes here, let’s not take it lightly. Save as much water as you can. Use a small amount of water; after washing the vegetables, use that water to put in the plants. There are many ways, with the help of which we can save water, so that other people can also get their share of water. “

In ‘Kahat Hanuman Jayashreeram’ of & TV became Bali, Nirbhay Wadhwa, They are ready to save wildlife. Always a frontrunner in this work, Nirbhay says, “I am very conscious of the safety of animals, especially wildlife.” I, along with some of my friends, often save wildlife. We make such arrangements many times that they reach their natural habitat safely. In today’s time, due to our way of living, especially eating, drinking, wearing clothes, building buildings, there are many species of animals that are in great need of protection.

Emphasizing the protection of wildlife, Nirbhay further says, “Today we are standing at a point where we have to find a way to live together, otherwise we will end. Without wildlife and other animals, we cannot survive. We have all read about food chains and food web. On the occasion of Environment Day, let us read those chapters of environment again and help to bring maximum awareness. ”Nirbhay Wadhwa has also walked the ramp for PETA earlier.

Santoshi Maa – narrate fast stories of Ashish Kadian, environmental issues And have been speaking impatiently on the measures related to it. On this Environment Day, he says, “With Lockdown 5.0 and people advising to stay indoors until June 30, we have no idea how long it will take to fully normalize.” But even at home, we cannot ignore our environment. We all need to make small efforts to preserve it. People staying at home means more power consumption. In such a situation, family members can use it consciously. Everyone in the family should know about this. Indiscriminate use of electricity damages the environment in many ways! During the lockdown, my mother and I are taking full care of the fact that we use electricity to a minimum. Unplug small things such as devices when you are not using them. These things can be very helpful in saving electricity. Also, we can make a small contribution towards environmental protection. “

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