The worker who is living in cement pipes pleads with Sonu Sood for help

All over the world Epidemic named corona Has created an outcry and India has not been saved from this. Every country is battling this epidemic and is taking measures to avoid it, due to which lockdown was also imposed everywhere. In India too, the lockdown was started from 25 March, after which the workers and the poor had to suffer. Migrant laborers were stranded everywhere because of this lockdown and were constantly asking for help and in such a situation, Sonu Sood, who plays the villain of Bollywood, has emerged as the messiah for all these people. These days, Sonu Sood is in the news due to his vivacity.

Not everyone is getting tired of praising Sonu Sood from actor to actor today. Due to the lockdown, many workers are stranded across the country away from their homes and no service is being reached to them and in this case many workers have lost their lives so far. Sonu Sood seems to be removing the problem of these migrant laborers. Sonu Sood is providing safe and secure work to the workers and poor across the country. Recently, a video of a laborer trapped in Bengaluru is going viral on social media, in which he is crying cryptically seeking help to go home.

Let me tell you that this video is shared by Yogita Bhayana, an activist from Bangalore, in which a laborer has been passing in cement pipes with his two innocent children and disabled wife for the last five days outside a station. In the video, he is repeatedly pleading to send the bus home. After watching this video, Sonu Sood assured to arrange to send them home immediately. Sonu Sood is active on social media these days and people are reaching out to them with the help of social media, which they are immediately responding to.

Sonu Sood has brought many laborers to their homes through buses. Recently he has flown 177 girls trapped in Kerala to his home by plane. Sonu Sood is helping them and returning the smile of their faces and gathering their prayers. While the government is ignoring these problems, Sonu Sood is setting the example of humanity. He along with his team throughout the day is engaged in this wonderful campaign to take all these workers to their loved ones. Apart from social media, they have also issued tollfree numbers through which people are able to reach them. Sonu Sood has been a part of the loot headlines of all these days.

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