Insurance is also done for the job, if gone, there will not be tension of home expenses, know how

Corona has taken the form of a very dangerous disease in the country, due to which not only many people have lost their lives, but due to Corona, the entire economy has also collapsed. The main reason for this is the impact on business, apart from the lockdown in the country, many people working in private sectors lost their jobs.

But do you know that there is also insurance of jobs which can help you in such financial crisis. Yes, job insurance, perhaps many of us have heard about this type of insurance for the first time, but are actually job insurance. Today we are going to give you information about job insurance

Jobs lost due to corona

Economic activities have almost come to a standstill due to the ongoing lockdown in the country. The salary of many people has also been cut, due to which people are facing a lot of difficulty in making a living, many companies have given a lot of employees With this removed, in such a situation there is an insecurity in the minds of all the people associated with private sectors about their jobs. In such a situation, job insurance can be very beneficial for you, in which you are provided financial assistance for some time.

What is job insurance?

Just as every insurance aims to provide protection to its insurers, similarly in job insurance, financial assistance is provided to the client and his family for some time. When the insurer loses the job due to the reasons given in the policy, he is given help, in addition to these, the insurer has some serious illness or having a disability in an accident. Job insurance is never a standalone policy but is available as a rider or as an add on cover with any other policy.

Other important information of job insurance

These policies can be taken only by those who get salary per month, only if the company’s company is registered then they can take this policy. In order to claim a claim, the insurer has to inform the insurance company in writing, along with the job leave certificate, along with other documents, the claim amount is paid once the documents are found correct.

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