On TV & Father’s Day, India’s most inspiring leader Dr. B.R. Salute to Ambedkar’s inspiring father Ramji Maloji Sakpal

Like the mother, the father is also the pillar of emotional development of the child. There is no other relationship like father and child. This role leaves a deep impact on the child and helps in making them a better person. On the occasion of Father’s Day, TV & TV’s inspirational leader, Dr. His father Ramji Maloji Sakpal, who inspired BR Ambedkar, remembered him.

Weaving with beautiful principles, guidance and learning, Ramji has played an important role in shaping Babasaheb’s life. He is a guide, thinker and a perfect example of an amazing teacher. & TV will broadcast a special episode ‘Ek Prerna Ramji Sakpal’ to remember Ramji Maloji and many other fathers like him on Father’s Day. ‘A superhero-Dr. Some memorable moments between Ramji and Nanhe Babasaheb from ‘BR Ambedkar’ show will be aired on June 21, Sunday at 2 pm.

Some actors of & TV have expressed their views on this, inspired by the learning of Ramji Sakpal. He explained why he sees him as an ideal and Dr. What was his contribution in Ambedkar’s life and thoughts.

‘A great Dr. Jagannath Nivanagune, playing the role of Ramji Maloji Sakpal in BR Ambedkar, says, “Ramji was an army officer and held the post of Subedar. He was very firm about his principles and ideas. He gave his children complete freedom to dream and fulfill them. He had a great influence on Babasaheb’s life. His support and concern in every difficult situation was amazing and he was completely dedicated to the betterment of his children. Ramji stood with him like a strong pillar in the difficult situation of his ambitious and visionary son. He always stood by his values ​​and learning. Following the path of his father, Dr. BR Ambedkar set out on a historic journey to establish his identity in the world. We should thank the man whose hand is behind the leader, who raised his son in such a way that he became the inspirational leader of his time. Ramji was not only the support system of Babasaheb, but he was the backbone of the whole family and kept them all together. “

“The relationship between Ramji and Babasaheb learns,” says Rajesh of Happu’s overturn platoon, Kamna Pathak, & TV. Many of his talks inspire me. I am called ‘a superhero-Dr. I remember one such scene from the show ‘BR Ambedkar’, where little Ambedkar tells Ramji that it is not that he does not understand his father and that he should not object when he argues with Bala. On this Ramji says to them, it is a good thing to argue and whoever they are, they should raise their voice against injustice or that which they believe wholeheartedly. That thing taught me that no one should fight for the truth, whatever it may be. You do not get that satisfaction and inner peace by reconciling with lies. There should be a healthy discussion, it separates justice from injustice, falsehood from truth. The debate is not always in the form of defeat or victory, but it builds confidence and helps to raise one’s voice for themselves. “

Asif Sheikh, Vibhuti Narayan of ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ from TV & TV, says, “I remember, the show has a beautiful and inspiring moment between Bhimrao and Ramji.” Bhima refuses to go to school, as he is discriminated against and is placed outside the class. For this, Ramji gives the example of sunlight from a different perspective. He tells them, education is like the heat of the sun. No matter where you are, the heat of the sun is not reduced and the sunlight reaches everyone equally without any discrimination. Sitting front or back in class cannot affect one’s ability to acquire knowledge. The difference is in how much one learns and understands. “

Putting forward his point, Asif says, “This shows us that a father is not just a parent, but also a teacher, problem solver and friend to his child.” A supporting father greatly influences a child’s knowledge and social development. He also instills a sense of fulfillment and confidence in the child. On the occasion of Father’s Day, let’s remember the inspiring words of Ramji Sakpal, who made Babasaheb the inspiring leader of history.

Sarika Bahrolia, says dolls of ‘Gudiya Hamari Pe Pa Hari’, “The kind of learning and values ​​that Ramji instilled in him from an early age helped shape Babasaheb’s personality and knowledge. Babasaheb is one of the leading visionary leaders who made India a progressive country like it is today. I remember the most memorable moment between them in this show, when Bhimrao asks very innocently how the society will change with the topping of the class. And on this Ramji says to them, people will not recognize your achievements and will recognize them, unless they directly affect them. He said that only through education can he influence people’s lives and change it. The biggest reward is the love and respect of the people, which one can earn only through selfless service. “

So through this ‘Father’s Day’, a special episode ‘Ek Prerna Ramji Sakpal’, be a part of the journey in which Ramji Maloji Sakpal has inspired Dr. Worked to shape the future of BR Ambedkar, it will be broadcast only on & TV on June 21, Sunday at 2 pm

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