When the storm comes, Saina-Tan will fight hard! Watch the fearless Karan Singh Dogra combat terror in the premiere of Commando 3 on End Pictures,

Watch this action-packed blockbuster premiere on Sunday, June 21 at 8 pm

One country, one mission and one awesome job! Gear up this Sunday as End Pictures is bringing the action-packed stormy premiere of Commando 3. With three times the action and adventure, the daring commando Karan Singh Dogra has once again returned to save his country. His enemies are many and different but with his firm intentions, this fearless commando is ready to face every obstacle in his path. The film Commando 3, directed by Aditya Dhar, will bring an exciting story and unprecedented action to your television screens. In this film, Commando Karan Singh Dogra has returned to the role of Vidyut Jamwal. Ada Sharma will be seen in the role of Bhavana Ready, Angira Dhar plays British Intelligence Officer Mallika Sood and Gulshan Devaiah is the villainous Burak Ansari. Then on Sunday, 21 June, at 8 pm, you also get ready to watch Commando Karan Singh Dogra’s smokeless action.

Talking about the film and his character, Gulshan Devaiah said, “I wanted to do something exciting and totally commercial.” In Commando 3, I got that chance, in which I got the freedom to roll according to my thinking. I have added my own nuances to the character of Burak. He is not an ordinary villain but Aisho grew up in comfort. He has never been behind technically and has no regrets for his actions. I think he is hungry for fame, who wants to make a name for his work in history. He is a well-educated person living in London and I also had to pay a lot of attention to his colloquial style and gesture, which I think was very important. I had to understand the sensitivity of this character, as well as feel the story that the director wanted to tell and then give my performance accordingly. Overall, playing the role of Burak was a big challenge. Now that it premieres on Film & Pictures, I hope that the audience will appreciate my understanding and my efforts on this character. “

Talking about his debut film, Angira Dhar said, “Commando 3 is my first Bollywood film and it was a memorable experience to start my journey with such a film. Desh Prem has his own moments in this film, but in the end this film gives a big message that you must watch. There is also a lot of action in this film, which helped us to keep the audience interested. I love seeing women doing difficult action scenes on screen, and I am happy that we are finally getting a chance to do such scenes in Bollywood. Viewers of India are now accepting films where women are not just part of the background, but their characters are also special. Women are also capable of performing action and heavy stunts. If you are an action lover then Commando 3 is for you. So don’t forget to enjoy this action-packed film on End Pictures on 21 June. “

Explaining the tremendous action of this film, Vidyut Jamwal said, “I am very happy to be a part of this great franchise. With every film in the Commando franchise, we have tried to raise the level of action, as well as presenting new sequences and stunts. In the first film we included a variant of Kallaripayattu in the stunts, while in the second film, I had to grow my body, as the character demanded. Now in Commando 3 we have returned with another look of Kallaripayattu, for which I had to look a bit slimmer and make the body flexible. This film is about connecting the whole country and creating a better tomorrow by erasing the discrimination of caste, creed and religion. It is an interesting story and our director Aditya has conceptualized the best action for it, which gives it a different look. “

The story of this film shows that in anticipation of some big event in the country, Mumbai Police arrests three suspected terrorists and hands them over to Commando Karanvir Singh Dogra to solve the case. Upon further investigation, Karan learns that the gang masterminded by these terror attacks is hiding in London. To eliminate this gang, the Indian government sends Karan, an encounter specialist with police Bhavna Reddy. British intelligence officers – Mallika Sood and Armaan – are also involved in this mission to help Karan. On the other hand, the mastermind Burak Ansari, who for his personal selfishness misleads the youth and puts him on the path of terrorism, seeks to eliminate Indian agents by capturing them. After this, the rat cat race begins.

When the storm comes, Commando Karan Singh Dogra will fight Sina-tan! Watch the great action blockbuster film Commando 3 on Sunday, June 21 at 8 pm only on End Pictures!

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