Ashish Qadian celebrates his birthday with mother this time in lockdown

Due to the current lockdown, it is time to learn new things and re-fulfill our old hobbies like painting, cooking, singing. This is an opportunity to make memorable moments with your near and dear ones. It is always our dream to have a wonderful birthday party with our close friends. But this year, playing the role of Indresh in the ‘Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayean’ of TV & TV, Ashish Kadian’s birthday was very memorable despite being very ordinary.

Every year Ashish Qadian celebrates his birthday with great pomp and he eagerly awaits this special day. By the way, this year became even more special, as they celebrated it at home with their mother. Talking about his lockdown birthday, Ashish Kadian says, “My day started with a good yoga session with my mother.” After that we enjoyed breakfast, which was specially made for me. It included all the Punjabi dishes of my choice such as Pudi-Aloo, Aloo Paratha and Special Chutney. I do not like to drink tea, but I really like the tea my mother makes for me. After this we had a wonderful lunch, which had many things I liked, like Rajma-rice, Chole-Bhature without it. But the best thing in my whole day was ‘flour ka halwa’. It was very lovingly made by my dear mother. My childhood was spent in a Punjabi house, where we loved to eat this pudding on festivals and special occasions. This dish will always be close to my heart, no matter how many cakes and fancy desserts I have. “

Instead of celebrating his birthday by cutting the cake in a modern way, Ashish chose this traditional way of celebrating his birthday by tasting the halwa. This delicious halwa was specially prepared for him by his mother. Speaking further about this day, he says, “Ever since I know what birthday celebration is, it has been my most wonderful birthday to date. Even though I have not been able to see so many of my close friends, it has never happened that I have had a chance to spend the whole day especially with my mother. From the start of the day with good food to talking about some very good childhood memories of my birthday and watching movies of my choice, I enjoyed every moment. There was nothing better than this. After so many years it was a really great birthday. “

Lackdown saw a lot of birthday celebrations, some people were very excited about staying at home, and some people were regretting watering their birthday plans. Those who are unhappy for not celebrating their birthday in the desired way, Ashish Kadian wants to say that “From this lockdown we should learn how to celebrate these happiness and make them special because this day will never again Not coming back. When we all start doing our work, we will miss these days very much. “

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