Yogesh Tripathi engaged in fulfilling his passion for art

Yogesh Tripathi, that is, our own Daroga Happu Singh’s interesting pillowcase and dialogue, and the viewers of TV’s’ Happu ki Ooltan platoon get laughed at. Apart from being an excellent entertainer, Yogesh also has an artist hidden inside him. During this lockdown, actor Yogesh Tripathi is engaged in fulfilling his passion for art. He is spending his time making cartoons with his son together.

Explaining this, Yogesh says, “Due to the lockdown, I am able to fulfill my passion for art after 13 years. The credit goes to my son Disha. Both of us are very fond of painting. This was my favorite subject in school and something similar is with my son. During our stay at home, we thought why not work together every day for painting. When drawing his favorite cartoon character, the joy of his face is worth seeing. It is a difficult time for all of us, but because of this we also got a chance to spend some great moments with our family. Therefore, I spend time with my son every day in fulfilling different types of hobbies. Earlier I was unable to do so due to my busy schedule. It seems to me that everyone should use this time to start a new hobby or to fulfill a hobby they had left behind long ago. “

Although Yogesh remembers his character of Happu Singh and his platoon, the devils and sportsmanship of son Dishu makes up the gap. This father-son duo is using this time of lockdown to fulfill their hobbies.

So keep watching your favorite show ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’, every Monday-Friday at 9 pm only on & TV.

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