Post World Corona

A few days ago, during Prime Minister Modi’s address to the country, such things as the Vocal for Local..Global Supply Chain has a big role..20 Lakh Crore Economic Package..Indeed that India is now changing this global In the environment, which is also being called Post Corona World, is seeing its big role and is preparing itself in that condition.

Last week, the news was read that around 1000 American companies are also thinking of shifting their business from China to India. These are the encouraging news for India. At the same time, the scope of a major improvement and also highlights the gap.

In today’s era, the food of 135 times cannot be given to the population of 135 crores only with the help of government jobs. Transition from low class to middle class and middle class to upper middle class cannot be done all over the country… In such a situation we have to increase private sector… MSME… cottage industries… Vocal is the same for local… Make in India and start up The same was expected from India.

In the last 6 years, we have seen that Prime Minister Modi has eliminated corruption to a great extent at the top level..but when foreign companies make up their mind to come to India, they will be confronted with the level system between us .. We all know how well the system is still free from corruption.

Now, if companies are entangled in this system, then the success we are expecting will be derailed before the flight starts.

In such a situation, the government will have to take reforms and measures on a large scale. States like UP have started the process of reforms in labor law, but we have to make arrangements to eliminate corruption on a large scale and take immediate action on corruption in India with judicial reform.

We cannot become China where there is a provision of capital punishment on corruption … But we do not have to remain India too where more than half of the cases are pending in courts.

Vocal for local … and self-reliant India is possible only when corruption policies are implemented throughout the country by eliminating corruption from all levels. The state government will be able to show the moral courage to implement these reforms .. The future states will become the foundation of India.

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