Two shows of & TV ‘A superstar Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ‘and’ Santoshi Maa recite fast stories’ started shooting

Finally the time has come for the camera to roll !! After three months of lockdown, TV shows its two shows ‘A magnum opus Dr. BR Ambedkar’ and ‘Santoshi Maa recite fast stories’ Has started shooting for Keeping in mind all the guidelines and precautions, this shooting 26 June and 25 June respectively Starting from The select cast and crew members who reached the set could not stop their joy and eagerness to hear the words ‘Lights, Camera and Action’ after so long. Gracie Singh, playing the role of Santoshi’s mother When she reached the set of her show, everyone was quite happy and fully prepared with the camera roll. Something similar Jagannath Nivanagune (playing the role of Ramji Maloji Sakpal) and Neha Joshi (playing the role of Bhimabai) Also happened.

Describing the first day of shooting, ‘Santoshi Maa recite fast stories’ I became Santoshi’s mother, Gracie Singh Says, “When I was told about the date of shooting started, I was not happy. I sanitized the essentials and makeup and got my bag well prepared. Not only this, I also removed the outfits of my character, which I wore from home to the set. Just two to three touch ups on set. I was feeling the same as I was feeling on the first day of shooting of the show. When we reached the set, our temperature and oxygen levels in the body were tested. We all greeted each other in Indian style ie Namaste. Immediately there was a discussion. There were a very small number of people on the set and everyone along with me was wearing a mask. Sanitizer bottles and sprays were placed all over the set. It was a slightly different experience, but I am sure that we will all get used to it soon. “

Jagannath Nivanagunay, ‘A great Dr. Ramji Maloji Sakpal of BR Ambedkar says about this, “When I signed this show, I wrote the book of Changdev Bhavanrao Khairamode” Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar started reading. But due to the busyness of shooting, I could not read the entire book. But now I have read all eight parts of the book. It was great to see the rest of the cast along with Neha and Smriti. We all greeted each other by saying hello. I was all set with my sanitation kit, but it was kept for us on the set as well. Our temperature was measured. Along with this, care was being taken that we regularly sanitize our hands and wear off-camera masks. We are getting very keen on the track ahead. He is about another achievement of Babasaheb’s life.

Neha Joshi, ‘a superhero Dr. BR Ambedkar’s Bhimabai says, “I was missing a lot of my reading and rehearsal sessions with Jagannath and our director Imtiaz Ji. I have been wearing a saree by myself for years and for the last few months I was very much in trouble that I was not able to wear it. Therefore, I feel happy that now I will be able to come back in saree look once again. The eagerness to meet everyone on the set was such that I took out my most favorite sari to wear on the set. I had also put my makeup, food and safety kit together so that I can be fully prepared and be safe. Despite this, the set had considerable sanitation facilities. It felt like returning home in a way. We have worked on a very important track and are eager to start airing it on television screen soon. “

& TV show ‘A superstar Dr. BR Ambedkar’ Hindi General Entertainment is the first story to be shown on Babasaheb’s life in the region. Smriti Sushil Kumar Shinde’s SOBO Films Produced by The show is an inspiring story by Babasaheb. In this show, the story of his journey from a young age of five years to becoming the principal creator of the Indian Constitution is shown.

Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, ‘Santoshi Maa recite fast stories’ Is an interesting story in which devotee and God The story depicts a perfectly pure relationship between.

So get ready, ‘a great Dr. To see all the new episodes of ‘BR Ambedkar’ and ‘Santoshi Maa Sunaane Vrat Kathain’, coming soon and on TV!

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