Both Sonal Chauhan and Arjun Kanungo came together once again for the music video ‘Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi’.

Sonal Chauhan has this Lockdown Of During Ours you To Busy Kept is. this beautiful Actress has Different Hobby And Activities To By adopting House On ours majority of Time Spent is. In which From Sketching, Baking And mine sister Of with home Photo shoot do e.t.c Include is. They One times Again One Dear Single Of for The singer Arjun Kanungo Of with Team By making Ours The fans To Surprised did is, this Single Video To Complete Kind From House On Shoot did Gone is.

The audience From very All love Get Of after, Arjun And Sonal One times Again Music Videofree time is today TooOf Via Us mine Chemistry Show come are is. this Video Of All The scenery To Complete Kind From House On One Iphone On Filmed Gone is, Whom away Live Have Keur Shah by Directed did Gone is. Video One Couple Of Complex journey Of About In Tells is And struggle Of About In Tells is With which every relation Passes is. Video In Arjun And Sonal To breakup Of Time Of During One with Spent went beautiful Moments Of About In remember do Have saw Gone is And Both this Feel do Huh That Their One Others Of with Happen Complete world Of Their with Having As is.

this Music Of Video Shoot do Sonal Of for One Complete Kind From Unique experience Was Because him Complete Kind From Lockdown Of During Shoot did Gone Was. Sonal has mine sister Himani Of help From Ours Part To Alone Shoot did, Who Video Of direction To Handled. Sonal language, this Video Of for All some Only I And my sister has did Was. Of course, our near Video Call On One the director And DoP Were. but I And my sister has the rest All The challenges To Ours power On Manage did. I Ours child, Makeup And Styling Myself Only Of, my sister has The cameras From Connected All work Done, He the rest All Things In Too enough help Of. this One very Only Apart experience Was, him I am always remember Will keep Because We this Songs To Then Shoot did Was when Complete world Lockdown In was.Their The Link hard work Capile Praise is And Final Music Video One Visual Treat is, In which Sonal absolutely Wonderful Seems is, And Their Arjun Of with Fabulous Chemistry Gold On Icing is.

Sonal always From One Powerhouse, One Brilliant Actress is, Whose near mine One Attractive sound is, that this Hard Time Of During One great guide doing is; She Ours The fans To House In Living And them Kovid-19 And Our Present Event From Aware To make Of for Encouraged Tax doing is. Sonal Ours Cheerful And Interactive Post From Ours The fans To Entertain And Happy Keep doing is. film And Music Us this Hard Time Of During Busy Keep And outside The exit In help Tax are Huh And We very Happy Huh That Sonal like The artist Ours The audience Of entertainment To do And them Excited To do Of new Ways Find are Huh.

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