Home remedy: Gas is being made in the stomach again and again, so treat with the things present at home

In lockdown, everyone is troubled by some kind of problem and most of the people have many types of body problems and it is common to have stomach gas these days. If there is any problem or disturbance in the digestive system, the problem of acidity or gas in the stomach starts to bother. Many times, chest pain starts due to gas. If the gas rises in the head in a terrible way, it starts coming to the vomit. If gas gets trapped in any part of the body, then the pain caused by it is fatal. Are you also troubled by gas problem?

Did not eat a little outside that the stomach gets upset. The problem of stomach irritation, gas etc. starts. Due to gas problems, problems like loss of appetite, chest pain, shortness of breath or flatulence begin. Many times the formation of gas causes flatulence and digestive problems. If you have too much gas, do not take it lightly at all, because of gas, you may have many stomach related diseases.

Why does gas form?

There are two types of bacteria in our stomach, good bacteria and bad bacteria. When the balance of these two deteriorates, the gas begins to form. Sometimes this imbalance is also caused by the side effects of some other disease. With increasing age, gas is also formed due to not being easily digested. At the same time, many people also get gas from the intake of certain foods. For example, in some people, consumption of garlic, onion, beans also worsens the balance of good and bad bacteria and starts producing gas.

Constipation is also a cause of gas

Many people who often suffer from constipation problem also have gas in their stomach. Due to constipation, the toxins do not come out of their body properly, due to which gas starts to form. To overcome this problem, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and consume plenty of fiber foods. A lot of remedies for the gas problem exist in your home.

Home remedies for gas problem

You must have known about Isabgol. By taking Isabgol husk, you will not only avoid the problem of gas, it will also relieve you from constipation. Drink one to two spoons of husk mixed with water or milk. However, using Isabgol husk for long periods can also harm.

Cumin and Garlic

Fry cumin and garlic. 15 minutes before eating every day, definitely eat 15 grams of it. Doing this does not produce gas in the stomach.

Fennel, parsley, cumin

Finely grind fennel, parsley and cumin and prepare powder. 20 minutes before meals, eat half a teaspoon of powder mixed with honey. It does not produce gas and our digestive system remains correct.

Eating at the right time

Dieticians say that people suffering from gas problems should have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. According to the routine, catering also relieves the gas problem.

Asafoetida soaked gas

Asafoetida not only enhances the taste of food, it is also very beneficial in the problem of gas. Mixing a pinch of asafetida in a glass of warm water and drinking it provides relief in gas problem. Drinking asafetida water about two to three times a day will be beneficial.

Buttermilk is beneficial

Drinking buttermilk is also beneficial in the problem of gas. Packed buttermilk is also available in the market and it is even better if prepared at home. Mixing black salt and celery in buttermilk and drinking it provides relief in gas problems.

Brisk walking

The habit of walking at high speed keeps you away from problems like gas and acidity. If you are troubled by gas or indigestion, walk about 5000 steps at a brisk pace every day.

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