The shooting of ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’ Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai ‘,’ Kahat Hanuman Jai Shriram ‘and’ Gudiya Hamari Pe Pa Hari ‘started

‘A superhero Dr. B. After the shooting of ‘R Ambedkar’ and ‘Santoshi Maa Sunaayen Vrat Kathayan’, & TV is now shooting for four more shows. These four shows are ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’, ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’, ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shriram’ and ‘Gudiya Hamari Pe Pe Hari’.
Happu’s Ulton Paltan Daroga depicts funny tales of Happu Singh, his ‘Dabangg bride’ Rajesh (Kamna Pathak), his stubborn mother Katoari Amma – (Himani Shivpuri) and his nine infamous children.

Mathological shows in India have always been pleasing to the audience with many unheard and interesting stories of many gods. One such story is depicted in ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram’. Showing this interesting story of true devotion, ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram’ tells about many unseen aspects of Lord Hanuman. Also, the motive of his life is also shown in this story.

Sister-in-law is at home, the story of the modern colony’s two neighbors Add Mishra and Tiwari. They have a deep attachment not only to each other but also to each other’s wives! Believing that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, Vibhuti and Tiwari are constantly trying to impress the other’s wife.

Gudiya is a piece of the story of the life of Sarika Bahrolia, our all-over heavy doll, where she expresses her unique reactions to difficult situations. Giving a glimpse into Gudia’s ‘All Is Well’ world, the show sets a lighthearted and comical tone, illustrating her simple approach to life. The show gives a glimpse of Madhya Pradesh through Goodia’s fascinating journey of speech, illustration, and characters.

The cast and crew of the four shows started shooting recently with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

When the shooting started, Yogesh Tripathi of Uppan Paltan of Happu – Dr Happu Singh said, “I am very happy to be back as Daroga Happu Singh. I was remembering my show, my character and my paltan big time. So many fans asked me, ‘When will you come back?’ So here I come! Although everything seemed different from before due to arrangements on the set, caution is extremely important. We were all screened, masks and social distance were also taken care of. We all performed Lord Ganesha’s Aarti for an auspicious beginning and fit in our look and rehearsals. I am sure all the viewers are looking forward to seeing their favorite Happu and his Ullton Paltan soon. “

Fully dressed and excited to return to her Anjani Mata look on set, Sneha Wagh says’ I’m very happy to be back on set. This lockdown gave us a chance to spend some time with the family, but the disappointment of not being on the sets every day, not being able to speak our dialogues and not being able to make our best efforts was equally disappointing. The first day of shooting began, with Ganpati Bappa’s blessing. We did the Aarti first. It was great to see everyone after such a long time. As soon as I reached the set, our temperature was first measured and oxygen levels in the body were checked. There were few people on the set and many sanitizer bottles and sprays were placed at every corner. I too was wearing my face shield and I was taking it off only when the camera was on. This is a completely new way of shooting for us, but we are all very happy to be back. “

Vibhuti Narayan alias Asif Sheikh of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain said, “It was nice to go on set after such a long gap. I was waiting for a long time to start shooting and now I am happy to be back on the sets. Keeping in view the social distances, we all met and greeted each other from far and wide with Hello and Namaste. On reaching the set, our body temperature and oxygen levels were measured. We all wore masks that were only taken off in front of the camera. Today we started the day with Ganapati ji’s Aarti and after that we started shooting ready. We all followed social distance while following safety and hygiene guidelines. ”

Bhabhiji is at home where Shubhangi Atre aka Anguri Bhabhi said, “I am excited to be back on the set and waiting for the new episode to come back soon. Earlier our set was full of people, but now due to limited people, the modern colony is looking very different. We were screened as soon as we got to the set and then we started the day with Ganesh Aarti and we rehearsed wearing masks. Due to being near the set, I arrived straight away. Apart from this, we took different breaks instead of lunch breaks together. This whole experience was quite different, but slowly we will get used to it. “

Rohitash Gaur of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai – Manmohan Tiwari said, “I was very happy when I was informed that the shooting was going to start again. I have never been on such a long break in my career. The day essentially began with screening and sanitation of the set, followed by shooting with Ganapati Bappa’s Aarti. We made sure that we continue wearing masks after every shot, clean our hands at regular intervals and maintain social distance. I’m excited about the new episode, and I’m sure the audience is eagerly looking forward to it as well.

Jiteen Lalwani, who is playing the role of Kesari in “Kahat Hanuman Jai Shriram”, says, “Reading the Shiva Purana during the lockdown helped improve his character a bit more. I was very happy to return to the set and was very happy that I was doing what I love most, ie shooting! On the set, we had the facility to measure sanitation and body temperature everywhere. And many sanitizers were placed on the set. Everyone on the set wore protective masks, hand gloves and face shields. We all started the day by taking a small aarti and taking blessings of Ganapati Bappa. There was a different kind of atmosphere and excitement to meet each other again. I eagerly await the arrival of new interesting episodes of my show. “

Sarika Bahrolia, Doll of TV’s’ Gudiya Hamari Pe Pe Hari ‘says,’ I can’t tell how happy I was to return to the set. There were very few people on the set, it was a different experience. On reaching there, our temperature was measured, after which we got to meet the rest of the crew. Wearing masks and following the rules of social distancing, we started our day with Lord Ganesha’s Aarti. I brought my bag with my makeup and sanitation kit and my tiffin box. We sanitized our hands for a while. There are some very interesting episodes to come and I am eagerly waiting for their telecast. “

Samta Sagar, playing the role of Sarala, the show’s writer and doll’s mother, says, ‘How long I waited for the set to come on and the shooting would resume. For me it was like coming home. I was very excited about the shoot, so there was a strange movement from one night already. I had prepared my bag and sanitized all my things and makeup kit. Not only this, he had also prepared his tiffin to be fully prepared for the shoot. I was very happy to see the doll and the rest of the crew. Keeping in mind the social distancing, we all said hello on meeting each other and this was followed by Ganesh Aarti. To ensure cleanliness on the set, it was constantly being sanitized. This is a completely new experience and we are all trying to get into that new environment. There are a lot of good episodes ahead and I am eagerly waiting for new episodes of my show. “

All the exciting and spectacular episodes of ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’, ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’, ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shriram’ and ‘Gudiya Hamari Pe Pa Hari’ are coming soon, and on TV

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