Major Shaitan Singh: Who had done 1300 Chinese soldiers with machine-gun tied at his feet even while dying

In the Indo-China War of 1962, Major Shaitan Singh ruined China’s nefarious intentions on occupying Ladakh and killed 1300 Chinese soldiers despite being wounded and eventually attained heroism. Let us tell you some heroic stories of that brave soldier today. Although the brave soldiers have been born on our country‚Äôs land for centuries, there are many such soldiers in the Indian army who have slashed the teeth of enemies on their own, one such hero is named Major Shaitan Singh, in fact Major Shaitan Singh is a man who destroyed the enemy army with his might.

Major Shaitan Singh got inspiration to enter army since childhood

Major Shaitan Singh was born on 1 December 1924 in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, his father was also in the army and his name was Lieutenant Colonel Hem Singh Bhati. From childhood, he used to get to hear the story of the valor of the Indian army from his father and that is why he was inspired to join the army. On 1 August 1949 he joined the Jodhpur State Force, from where he was sent to the Kumaon Regiment where he was given the rank of Major in 1962 on the strength of his ability.

Commanded in the 1962 Indo-China war

It was 03:30 in the morning of November 18, 1962, when the Chinese Army started firing on the valley of Ladakh, at that time the number of Chinese soldiers was in the thousands and the Indian Army had only 120 soldiers. Major Shaitan Singh had command of the Indian contingent, neither did we have better weapons than China and neither did the Indian army take the front with full vigor due to the will of the Major on military power.

The Chinese army was overwhelmed by the counter-attack of the Indian Army and started firing mortars, which surrounded the Indian army from all sides, they had no choice but to retreat but the Major had something else to do. He wanted to fight for the country till his last breath, at the same time a bullet hit his leg and he was badly injured.

Shoot enemies by tying machine guns to feet

Major Shaitan Singh, despite being badly injured, did not give up and did not back down despite the companions saying and tied the machine gun to his feet with the help of rope to kill as many Chinese soldiers as possible. Finally, in the early morning, he laid down his life for the country along with his 114 companions, but before that he had killed 1300 Chinese soldiers, due to snowfall, Major’s body was found after three months and when his body was found When he was removed, he had machine guns tied to his feet, posthumously he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra.

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