Nana Patekar met Sushant’s family in Patna, said this thing together

2020 has been a very bad year, corona virus, earthquake, flood, storm etc. have come in just 6 months of the year and everyone is well aware of the situation that the country is going through at the moment. Apart from this, this year has not been anything special for Bollywood, in 2020 many film personalities have said goodbye to the world including Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and more recently Sushant Singh Rajput.

Bollywood has suffered a major setback due to the death of Sushant, he committed suicide by hanging himself in his house a few days ago, after his departure Bollywood has lost a great artist forever. After his death, many celebrities met his family at his residence in Patna, Nana Patekar had recently reached his home. Let’s know what he said after meeting Sushant’s family?

Nana Patekar reached Sushant Singh Rajput’s house

On Sunday, 28 June, Bollywood’s most loved actor Nana Patekar reached Sushant Singh’s house in Patna, where he met and comforted Sushant’s father and other members of his family. Apart from this, he met his family and shared his grief, although Nana Patekar did not know Sushant personally, but still his move as an artist is admirable.

Patna reached the CRPF program

It is being told that Nana Patekar went to Patna to attend an event organized for CRPF jawans, from where he took some time to visit his family at Sushant Singh’s house. After the meeting, when the reporters asked him what he told Sushant’s family, he replied that I have only met his father and what else can I do. One thing to note here is that Nana Patekar is the first artist to reach Sushant’s house from Bollywood, apart from him, no Hindi film artist has visited his home yet.

Sushant Singh left the world in just 34 years

Sushant Singh, who has given brilliant films like Chhichhore, MS Dhoni, Kedarnath, Kai Po Che in his short film career, hanged himself in his Mumbai flat on June 14, but so far there is no concrete reason behind his move The reason has not been revealed. In this case, the police are still investigating and they have recorded the statements of many people and we hope that soon we will get to know why Sushant did this.

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