Divya Khosla Kumar gave a solid argument and said, if T-series gave its first break to an outsider like Sonu Nigam then how is this nepotism?

where Country now Too Brilliant The artist, Sushant Lion Rajput Of Let’s go Know Of Mourning deny Stayed is, There itself many The people Event Of Benefit picking are Huh And new Controversy Born Tax are Huh. In those From One is The singer Sonu Corporation, Who TThe series Of The head Grace Kumar On many Baseless blame Planted is, Those On music Mafia Of Part Having Of blame Planted, that Brilliant The outer The people To ours Talent Show From Deter Huh. Grace Kumar Of wife And The legendary film the creatorThe artist, Divya Khosla Kumar has All Arguments On idea do Have Sonu Of All The charges To wrong Proved did.

Such Time In when TThe series Country Of from all big music Channel become Gone is, In which She many The singers, music The directors, Artists And Songwriters To Ours with With Walk Stayed is, Such In company On blame Planted Gone is That They brotherNepotism In Indulged in Huh, this Complete Kind From Pointless Claim is. whereas company has Industry Of Talents To Too opportunity gave is, Who music Of Area In mine Eligibility Proved Of is, They The outer The people From Their opportunities To Too No Snatch up that Its Entitled to Were. Divya him Emphasis Giving Have Says is That, “TThe series family has Now till 80% Artists To chance gave is. 20% They is Whom We work No Give Get Huh They complaint Tax are Huh. but Everyone And every Any To opportunity give possible No is, The people To this understanding needed.

by this Too The big Surprised Tax To give Wali talk this is That Sonu, Grace And TThe series family On Insiders And brotherNepotism To encouragement To give Of blame felt Stayed is, whereas this They The people Were Who them The first The break gave Was. Divya has One Solid Argument gave And said, “Sonu Yes, you Delhi Of Event In 5 Rupees In Ga are Were. Gulshan Kumar has you saw And you Here Take Returns. They your Stamps Of payment did And you ours The first The break gave. She you The break To give Of after Too many opportunities Giving are. when till you Industry In One Established The artist No become went, Then till They you chance gave.

when Gulshan Yes To Mafia by Gun Shot Kill Given Has gone was, And family One Problem From Passing Stayed Was, And Grace Only 18 The year Of Were That time you family Of with No Were. when TThe series Ours from all bad The round From Passing doing was, so you One Rival music company Of with Know Of Decision did. what you favor Faramosh No WereThe “

although blame To putremove Go Can Huh, Like this Seems is That Sonu Myself Grace Kumar Of Against Planted went All Unnecessary The charges Of answer is. After all, She One very Only Suitable Outsider person Too Were, Whom ours Career Start To do Of for One Suitable Forum And The break gave Gone Was, today The same The people On She blame felt Stayed is.

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