Encouraged at the age of 85, due to lack of water in the village, the elderly dug out 16 ponds alone

Many times, ordinary people do some extraordinary work that is good for the whole of humanity, due to their work, such people also get their names registered in history. Today we are going to tell you about one such person who dug 16 ponds in the village on his own and today the entire village is quenching its thirst from those ponds.

We are talking of Kamegowda, a farmer from Karnataka, as a person like Dasaratha Manjhi made a way by breaking the giant mountain in the same way, Kamegowda himself alone in the village to overcome the problem of water in the village. had started. Let us tell you more about this hardworking farmer

The idea of ​​digging a pond came after seeing the water problem in the village

Kamegowda, 85, originally lives in Mandavali district of Karnataka, is a farmer by profession when he saw that there is a lot of water problem in his village and animals do not get water, so the idea of ​​water conservation in his mind He Came. Being a farmer himself, he had to go far and wide for water and other people of the village also had to wander far enough for water and that is why he started digging ponds inside the village and till now he 16 ponds have been dug.

PM Modi also praised in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program

Kamegowda’s spirit and hard work have been appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi even at this age, in his program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, he praised him for this commendable work done by Kamegowda himself. Modi ji also said that even though the ponds built by him are not very big but his courage and efforts are very big and the ponds built by him will give new life to his village.

Importance given to water conservation

Kamegowda, despite being 85 years old, constructed the pond and told that to do any work, you should have the courage to do that work. We also learn from this effort that we should also conserve water and not waste water because water is a limited resource and we can save water only by conserving water.

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