Salute to the spirit: Despite not having a hand, the girl stitched masks for people in the Corona war

The Corona virus has caused widespread outrage all over the country. More than 5 lakh 48 thousand people have been infected with corona in India, while more than 16 thousand 400 people have died so far in the country. In such a situation, PM Narendra Modi has made it clear that unless there is no corona vaccine, then we will have to keep using social distancing and masks.

By the way, everyone is aware that with increasing corona cases in the country, now the demand for masks is increasing the most. At the same time, there are many people who are engaged in the work of making masks and these include children to the elderly. Not only this, the policemen even after doing their duty, stitched the masks to help the needy.

Recently the latest case is from Karnataka where a 10-year-old girl stitched the mask with one hand and then distributed it to some students. Now on the social media, the spirit of this girl is being praised.

Sindhuri hails from Udupi

According to ANI, 10-year-old Sindhuri is a resident of Udupi and is a Divyang. He also sewed masks with one of his hands and distributed to the needy people. Let us tell you that Sindhuri has distributed this mask in the children who have appeared for SSLC examination on Thursday.

Not a hand born

According to the report released, Sindhuri has made many masks and that too with only one hand. When Sindhuri was born, she did not have a part below her left hand elbow. But meanwhile, the best thing happened, he never let it become his weakness.

At the same time, in the midst of the Corona crisis, he has prepared masks for the people. Let us tell that Sindhuri studies in the sixth grade and is a scout and guide whose goal is to make masks for one lakh people.

People praised

Now the public of social media is busy praising this beautiful work of Sindhuri. At the same time, there are some people who are also wishing a bright future for this girl.

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