3 friends built a huge empire by selling 65 rupees bottle with a simple idea

We are all better aware that cow’s milk is the best food, it has been considered like nectar. Cow’s milk contains calcium, iodine, potassium, fat, vitamin B, vitamin D and minerals. Apart from this, cow’s milk also contains vitamin A which is not present in milk of any other animal. Therefore, cow’s milk is considered to be a complete food, meaning that by drinking only cow’s milk for several days, one can remain healthy and strong all at once. There will be no shortage of any essential ingredients in his body, provided that the milk is real because today almost every food item is being adulterated. Even milk is no longer pure.

Giant business made from 65 rupees bottle

But three Haryana engineers Pankaj Navani, Deepak Raj Tushir and Sukhwinder Saraf started a cow fresh and pure milk business in Delhi NCR in collaboration with New Zealand veteran dairy farmer Earl S. Rattray. With the help of more than 240 cows under the banner of Binsar Farm, they are distributing fresh milk from house to house at the rate of Rs 65 per liter by filling glass bottles to about 2 thousand families in Delhi and NCR.

The journey to Binsar Farm started with an incident in 2009, when Sukhwinder, Deepak and Pankaj forgot the way while going down the hill during a trip to Binsar district in Uttarakhand and stopped at the hut of a goat shepherd asking the way. The person welcomed him very well and supported him in his hut to pass the night. He helped them in the morning by showing the right path. While listening to this description may seem to be a happy ending, but the help of the goat grazing person in selfless manner made a deep impression in the mind of the three friends and at that time they decided that they would do something for the people of Uttarakhand. .

The first thought came to the mind of the three that why he did not take pulses from the mountains here and sell them in the plains below and in the coming time, together with the villagers, formed a cooperative organization that would supply pulses, fruits and grains, etc. Will also get an opportunity to earn well.

Pankaj says that till this idea came to mind, the three of us were in our respective jobs but started planning to make our dream dreams come true with the job.

In 2011, Pankaj, working with software company Dell, went to New Zealand for one of his assignments and there he interacted with the people around him to get local information related to his work as well as farming of that country. At the same time he met Earl S. Rattray, the founder of the Fonterra Dairy Group. During the conversation, Pankaj told him about his Uttarakhand incident and his motive, Earl was so impressed by his thoughts that he agreed to become a partner and investor with him.

After joining the experienced Earl, the three engineers left their jobs and started working on this project with a new enthusiasm, but due to middlemen, this project could not progress further. At the suggestion of Earl, a dairy management veteran, he decided to move into dairy business and in 2012, the four established a company called “Binsar Farm” with an equal stake. Deepak’s father, who hails from Sonepat district in Haryana, leased 10 acres of his land for the purpose. He bought the first cow in October 2012 and after that the number has increased to over 250. Soon new sheds are being set up here to accommodate the living of 600 cows.

According to Pankaj, no compromise is made with quality in Binsar Farm and cows are also taken care of. For example, corn, hay and fodder turnip in New Zealand fodder for fodder, which contains a lot of minerals, are grown on 80 acres of land under company supervision.

Today Pankaj, Deepak and Sukhwinder have emerged as examples for the people. The project, which started five years ago with an idea, has now taken the form of business and with its success is contributing to provide a new life and economic prosperity to the youth and farmers of the village.

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