Know, what are the tears that always follow in happiness and sorrow?

No one likes to cry but there are many occasions of love and sorrow when tears start coming out of people’s eyes. Tears are related to our mood. You too must have cried at some time and you may have seen many people weeping, often it is seen that some people start crying at the slightest, then some people start crying while talking, then some people start to shed tears after watching the emotional scenes of the film. There is no reason to cry but they cry.

After all, what are these tears made of?

But do you know that the tear that comes out of our eyes without doing anything, is the tear only water or something else today we will tell you how the tear is formed. Technically, tear is an indicator of a problem in the eye. This prevents the eye from becoming dry and helps to keep it clean and disinfected. It is a fluid coming out of the tear ducts of the eye which is made up of a mixture of water and salt.

Some facts have shown that some scientists are quite keen on the structure of the tear and recently a team of scientists have discovered a class of lipids which is completely made up of fat. It is known that each drop of tears is made of lipite and outer layer of other fat and inner layer of mucus. Then both layers form a water layer through the form of a sandwich. Which creates tears.

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The team of scientists had published this study in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. Psychologists say that whenever a person cries, he should cry at the same time, should not be stopped. Crying will not harm you, but it will only benefit you like you will be free from stress, your eyes will improve, peace will be felt and the whole body will be healthy. So to be happy in life, sometimes crying is also necessary.

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