This girl is unique, whose blood starts coming out of the body as soon as it gets out of the sun, people are saying by looking at the skin ‘Snake Girl’

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a girl has such a disease that she is not being treated in the whole country. 13-year-old Vedika Gupta is neither able to get out in the sun nor meet people due to this disease. The disease is such that people have given the name ‘Snake Girl’. Vedika has a disease named Ichthyosis, due to which her skin has started to look strange. Due to this disease, Vedika’s confidence is also completely gone and she does not even want to leave the house.

What is Snake Girl’s Story

The 13-year-old Vedika living in Indore is suffering from a disease called Ichthyosis. Due to this genetic disease, Vedika’s skin has become so strange that people have started calling her as ‘Snake Girl’. Not only Vedika, but her elder sister of 20 years is also suffering from this disease. Vedika’s parents went to several doctors for her treatment, but treatment could not be possible from anywhere. No doctor in the country has the mantra to cure the skin of both sisters.

Vedika’s entire body is suffering from this skin related disease. Vedika was told by Dailymail that she got the most trouble when she got out in the sun. Vedika said, “I cannot go out in the sun. Whenever I go out, my skin starts burning. Sometimes the skin starts coming out and blood also comes. ”Vedika is so upset with this disease that she repeatedly asks God what punishment she is getting. Vedika is forced to spend her time at home due to illness. His sister Sunidhi has imprisoned herself at home.

Sunidhi does not go out of fear of what people will say. His mother Madhuri says, “My elder daughter has locked herself in the room.” She is now grown up, so she is more afraid of what people will say. She neither wants to meet people nor wants to come in front of the camera. ”Madhuri said that the daughters also took homeopathic medicines for treatment, but it made the skin worse. After taking the medicine, there were cracks in the skin, from which bleeding started.

Vedika’s parents are expecting her treatment. Shalini Yadav, also from Madhya Pradesh, was also suffering from one such serious disease, which was treated in Spain. The parents hope that like Shalini, their daughters will also be able to be treated. Vedika’s father said, “I have spoken to Shalini’s father. I hope that my daughters will also be treated. I will do whatever can be done to me. ”Vedika’s father said that this treatment is very expensive, so he has started the campaign of collecting money through funds.

In Ichthyosis disease, the skin becomes very dry and the crust begins to freeze. This happens when skin cells start to form more quickly and then accumulate on the skin. This makes the skin thicker. This disease affects the entire skin. There is no cure for this disease yet. To avoid drying out the skin, lotion is applied on it repeatedly.

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