Travel from 500 to 55 lakh packages, know how this person decided this difficult journey

Today we are going to tell you about a person whose struggle was not only difficult but his victory was equally impressive. This person has faced a lot of struggle in life; Nothing was easy for them. Circumstances forced him to work soon after passing his tenth. He started earning just Rs 500 a month by doing a small job as a courier boy. He used to see all things colorless, but today he is working in a respected African company on an annual package of Rs 55 lakhs. This story is the story of his spirits.

Everybody calls Devendra Dave in the name of Dev. He had a childhood in Virar, Mumbai. His father was a polio patient. Her mother used to cook food at the homes of others to get her family out of the financial crisis. Due to lightening the burden of the house, his father got caught in an accidental financial scam and had to pay eight lakhs to make up for it. This was such a huge amount that he had to sell his house to pay. He had this one heritage in the name of property. Tough times came and went but left their marks even after many years.

Soon after the tenth examination, he started a job in a courier company with a salary of just Rs 500 a month to increase his family’s income. Walking through the streets of Mumbai, he realized the importance of education and enrolled himself in a good college. When he was in the twelfth grade, his father missed his job because of his health.

All the responsibility of the house fell on their little shoulders. He used to give many entrance tests with many small jobs. In 2014, he passed the entrance test of his dream college Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad. But no bank was willing to give loan because his father got caught in a financial scam. He knocked on the doors of every bank and got disappointed. Very disappointed because a very good opportunity was slipping from his hand.

He again returned to his job with a sad heart and started saving money and depositing it with his family. After doing many minor jobs, he started teaching chess. One day the father of a student offered to help him with tuition fees if he passed the entrance examination. This incident killed him and he started preparing. He gave his 100 percent and passed the MICA entrance exam of 2015.

This is how the journey of 55 lakh package was decided

And it was from here that his life changed. He came to Ahmedabad after working seven days a week with the Rs 2.5 lakh he had saved. While studying there, he participated in many competitions and also received cash prizes. Devendra also opened a small start-up of his own, in which he would inspire the students and help them to pass the MICA exam. He helped his family for two years with cash prizes and money from start-ups.

Devendra Dave says, “All my hard work came to fruition when I passed an interview with an African company. They offered me an annual package of Rs 55 lakh and within a few months I joined the job. When I got the offer letter in my hand, I felt that the time had come to recover from the family who had suffered for so many years. Every struggle of mine inspires me to work hard. I believe that one who believes in his dreams always succeeds. “

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