Varanasi: A unique way of protecting customers and themselves from infection, selling PPE kit Numa dress

The people of Banaras and Paan have a close relationship. Even in the Corona era, paan lovers were taking the betel leaf. Now that the country is moving fast in the direction of unlock, paan shops have also opened. But, the way Corona cases are increasing, people are also worried about this. In such a situation, a paan of Varanasi has found a way to protect his customers and himself from infection.

Unique jugaad of Chaurasia Pan Bhandar in Lanka

Rahul Chaurasia has a paan shop in Ravindrapuri area on Lanka-eighty road. His shop was also closed during the lockdown. The shop opened in unlock, but they worried about themselves and their customers. In such a situation, he bought PPE kit Numa a dress to prevent infection. Now they sell paan by wearing this.

Along with this dress, he also wears a face mask. It absolutely covers them from head to neck completely. They work wearing it. They also keep it sanitized after a while.

Talking to India Times, Rahul says, I wear this dress and open shop. After that, once in the morning, the entire shop was sanitized. Then as soon as the customer comes, I also sprinkle sanitizer on it, so that it also becomes sanitized. After this, I follow her and then after giving sanitizer on her hand, I sanitize her. During this, I also spray sanitizer on the pan.

Vishal says, now he will save paan in this way. This will protect both them and the customer. Vishal also completely sanitizes his PPE kit Numa dress twice a day. He keeps wearing it throughout the day even in this heat and says that it is a question of safety. You will have to wear it like this.

Vishal visits many varieties. But these days, his most focused attention is on sanitization. He wants his word to reach everywhere so that shopkeepers and customers also wear such dress and avoid corona infection. He says that the people of Banaras cannot stop eating paan. In such a situation, it is my endeavor that people should get a drink and they should also be safe.

Narendra Shukla, Executive Officer of Chandauli of the Electricity Department, who came to eat paan at the shop, says that he is fond of eating paan, but he did not eat anywhere due to fear of corona infection. Today, when he got his eyes on this shop, he felt that if he got such a safe drink, his call to get food will be fulfilled. He was very appreciative of this step of the shopkeeper and he says that all the shopkeepers should work in this way, taking care of safety.

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