Now the blood group will know how much danger you have from corona?

The corona virus, which started in November last year, is still wreaking havoc and the number of people dying of corona is increasing rapidly. Medicines are being discovered to treat the corona virus, but still no significant breakthrough has been achieved in this field. Apart from this, a lot of different research is also being done on the corona virus, medicines are being prepared in India to prevent this disease and to some extent Indian scientists have been successful. Recently, a research has been done in China related to this disease, by which it has been found out which blood groups are more prone to corona virus and which are less, let’s know about this article from today. .

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Less danger to ‘O’ blood group

According to a study done on corona, people who have blood group ‘O’ (O) are less likely to suffer from this corona disease, according to research, people of O blood group than people of other blood groups The risk of getting these diseases is 26% less. In addition, even if the people of this group become corona infected, their chances of getting corona positive are reduced by 18% which are much less than other blood groups.

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‘A’ blood group is most threatened

It has been revealed in the health study that people of ‘A’ blood group are at highest risk of getting this dangerous disease as compared to all blood groups, this research has included 2173 people who were corona infected. From this research, it has been revealed that out of 2173 people, 206 people died due to this disease, then more people were from ‘A’ blood group.

41% of corona infected patients belong to ‘A’ blood group

According to the same research, 41% of the total number of people suffering from corona were from ‘A’ blood group, according to that research, out of 206 people who died, 85 were from ‘A’ blood group. According to scientists, people in this blood group develop more and faster symptoms of corona than other people of the blood group, so people in the ‘A’ group need to be more careful during this period.

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