This bitter truth of Airhostess’s life, VIP passengers do such work

Lots of girls Air Hostess She dreams of becoming one because the job of air hostess is very glamorous and through this job there is also an opportunity to travel abroad. Because of this mostly Girls Wants to make air hostess Explain that this job is as glamorous and Thriller And funny jobs are not easy.

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Over an air hostess, one has to face many flight related responsibilities and sometimes they have to go through very difficult times. Actually, an air hostess takes care of its passengers and also tolerates their misdeeds. Let us know that a survey has been conducted recently about the job of an air hostess. In which the air hostesses were asked about the problems related to their jobs, then what came out is very disgusting.

Yes, an air hostess told that once a passenger had toiled on their phone and it was an intercom phone, this phone uses air hostess. This action of that passenger made the entire flight dirty and all the passengers had to face a lot of trouble. Also an air hostess told that once a passenger had eaten his sandwich sandwich and when he was asked to do so He told that the sandwich had list of air hostess.

This much air hostage told that when the flight is late, some passengers consider the flight to be their home and they drink too much alcohol and they are very dirty while drunk and many passengers go without clothes. Let’s sleep too. But for your information, let us know that doing so in international flight is against the rules and there can be punishment for doing so.

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