Sawan 2020: 81 feet high Shiva statue is the hallmark of ancient Mahadev temple

The statue of Lord Shiva in the ancient Mahadev temple located at Appar Kotla Kalan in Una district of Himachal Pradesh while presenting a supernatural view attracts devotees to themselves, while the idol has become the hallmark of the temple. People from far away come to see it and bow their heads with reverence. Its ground-in-base base is built up to 24 feet for durability. Statues of Nandi and Parvati have also been made with this statue.

Ancient Mahadev Temple is very popular

The ancient Mahadev temple is a center of faith in itself where the wishes of people are fulfilled just by having a darshan of Shivalinga. The center of penance and reverence is the ancient Mahadev temple. Religious places in the middle of the forest attract religious tourism. Swami Chandananand Ji Maharaj did penance at this place for years and gradually due to this the place became famous and today has taken the form of a grand temple. Anchorage is available here at all times. Accommodation has been arranged and cow service is also done exclusively here.

Mahant Mangalanandji Maharaj, the supreme disciple of Brahmalin Swami Chandananand Ji Maharaj, has taken that step of austerity and penance ever since he ascended the throne and has continuously pursued the work of religion and social service through the temple. . The construction of the statue, which started in the year 2003, was completed in the year 2006, which cost about 90 lakhs.

In the ancient Mahadev temple, a huge fair is held every year on Shivratri and thousands of devotees line up and see Mahadev every day. At the same time, all-night worship strengthens the religious sentiment amid chanting. Many people also participate in night worship.

In order to get free food to the patients and the accompanying timbers at the regional hospital Una, Mahant Manganand Maharaj of the ancient Mahadev temple took the initiative and started the service of the langar by forming the Guru’s Langar Seva Samiti Trust. This langar is continuously distributed free of cost daily since September 2019 and in times of Corona crisis it has become the basis of life for many people of the society. Many sevadars are joining this service and the people of the area have contributed a lot to this langar by connecting it with their family programs.

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