Kashi’s daughter made ‘smart rakhi’ for her brother

Youthtrend Religion Desk The festival of Raksha Bandhan, a symbol of brotherly love, is about to come, on this holy day of Rakhi, sisters tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and brothers promise to protect them every year, on the day of Shuklapaksha Purnima of Sawan month every year Raksha Bandhan The festival is celebrated.

This year, due to the Corona epidemic, the rakhi in the markets is not as bright as before, the sisters love rakhi very dearly for their brothers, this time the sisters are avoiding buying rakhi from the market. Making rakhi for One such sister of Kashi has made such a rakhi for brother, which will alert the brother in times of trouble, let us know who has made this rakhi. What else is its specialty

Anjali, a resident of Kashi, made a special Rakhi for her brother

In exchange for tying a Rakhi to a brother on Rakshabandhan, he promises to protect his brother and sister, this is proved by Anjali Srivastava, a resident of Kashi, that the way smartphones and smart TVs come nowadays, he created this by himself. Rakhi is named Smart Rakhi by Anjali. Anjali has studied electronic engineering and is currently working in a private company in Noida, Anjali said that she used a bit of technology in bonding this brotherly love that strengthened the relationship. .

There are two parts of this smart rakhi, one of which is with the sister and the other with the brother.

These smart rakhi made by Anjali Srivastava are entirely based on wireless technology, in which a sister can send a message through a vibrate signal to her brother in times of trouble, according to Anjali, there are two parts of this rakhi, the first part is the rakhi which is the sister. Will tie on her brother’s wrist while the other part will be in the shape of a ring, this ring part has emergency button which the sister can press in times of trouble. As soon as the emergency button will be pressed from the ringed part, the message will reach the brother that his sister is in some trouble.

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Know the battery backup of this rakhi, it was the same and its price

Anjali Srivastava has prepared this smart rakhi for just Rs 250 and it takes them only 6 days to make it, according to Anjali, once charged the battery of this rakhi, it can easily work for 3 months, in this rakhi LED lights, vibration motors, alarms, button cells and rakhi are used.

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