If there is a problem in marriage, then do these remedies in the spring, Mahadev will solve your problem

Youthtrend Religion Desk : Every year the month of Sawan brings happiness for all Shiva devotees, Hindus in the month of Sawan There are many festivals in this holy month, there is a law for special worship of Lord Shiva, this year the month of Sawan is ending on 3 August with Rakshabandhan. If someone is facing any kind of problem in their marriage, then the month of Sawan is very beneficial for them, whatever problems are happening in the marriage of someone, then by taking some special measures in the month of Sawan, all the obstacles are ended today. In this article of, we are going to tell you about those special measures.

When does the problem come in marriage

When the quantity of Agni or Vayu element increases in the five elements present in a person’s horoscope, then trouble starts in marriage, besides if the position of Moon, Venus and Jupiter are weak in a person’s horoscope, then even in marriage Some kind of problem starts, every person is worried about marriage if the horoscope is in the eighth and second house of the planet sin. If there is a Mangal Dosh in any horoscope, then such a person has to be worried for marriage.

These things should not be eaten in the spring, special reason is hidden behind it. YouthTrend

Marriage related problems will be solved in Sawan

There is a special legislation to offer water to the Shiva lingam in the month of Sawan, the water content is high in this holy month of Sawan and this element is considered as an important factor in family life, worshiping Shiva in Savan is called Mangal Dosh or The problem of non-marriage goes away if a person who has problems in marriage, then worshiping Lord Shiva and mother Parvati together in the month of Sawan eliminates all the problems related to marriage.

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Do these steps

You should wear yellow colored clothes in Sawan, offer a garland jointly to Shivji and Mata Parvati, take 108 Bel Patras every Monday in the month of Sawan, write Ram with sandalwood on them, now one by one all Shiva Lingams Offer it and while offering the Belpatra to the Shivalinga, chant ‘Namah Shivaya’, by doing this remedy all the problems related to marriage will be removed and your marriage will also be soon.

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